Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello NPCs

Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello NPCs Ultimate Guide 2023

The “Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello NPCs Ultimate Guide” welcomes you. Do you find it difficult to remember the intricate relationships and plots involving all the different NPCs in YBA?

You don’t need to look elsewhere because this guide contains all the information you require about the YBA non-playable characters.

We’ve covered everything, from their backgrounds and personalities to gameplay roles. So take a seat back, unwind, and allow us to take you on a tour of the peculiar NPC world of YBA.

The seventh longest-running manga, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki, inspired the Roblox game Your Bizarre Adventure.

Your Bizarre Adventure(YBA Trello) NPCs

Here is our Your Bizarre Adventure NPCs list.


Darius, The Executioner

In the mountains close to Doppio and DIO, you’ll find Darius, The Executioner. Assuming you have reached the top of the mountains, turn left and descend until you reach his location.

  • Darius: Stand-users tend to congregate with other stand-users.
  • A Player: Oh, that explains so much… (Continue)
  • Take out 5 players using stands, and I’ll reward you. Darius: I can’t “stand” having so many around.
  • Input: “I got it” from the player.
  • Users of stands tend to attract other users of stands, so Darius…
  • Actor: I’ll be seeing you later. (Decline)
  • Darius: It’s getting hard for me to “Stand” all these people using stands; kill five of them for me, and I’ll pay you back.
  • I’m too frail for this role; the player tells the guy. (DECLINE)

Atmere, Fist of Chaos

Pizza from Atmere, a non-playable character, can be purchased from Eli’s Pizzeria for 50 gold. To find him, head to the counter as you enter the pizzeria. Close to Koichi, Mista, and the cafeteria is where you’ll find the Pizzeria.

  • Atmere: “Welcome to Eli’s Pizzeria. Would you like a slice of Pizza for $50?”
  • Player: “Yes, please.” (Continue)
  • Atmere: “One slice coming up.”

Paragon NPC

Near Quinton, in The Boss’ Cafe, is where you’ll find the Paragon NPC. He sells tea for 50 dollars a bag.

  • Paragon: “Welcome to the Cafe. How about a cup of tea for $50?”
  • Player: “Yes, please.”
  • Paragon: “One hot tea, coming up.”


A non-player character named Joe resides atop the Greatest Mountain. To help you get Made In Heaven, he’ll give you a Quest to vanquish Heaven Ascension DEO. To proceed with the Quest, you must deliver all four Corpse Parts to JOE.

  • JOE: Good Grief…
  • Player: What? (Continue) Bye. (Decline)
  • JOE: That fool…after I beat his bricks in once, he’s come back for another beating…
  • Player: Who? (Continue) Bye. (Decline)
  • JOE: The man I will never forgive, DEO.
  • Player: …. (Continue) Bye. (Decline)
  • JOE: He’s already dead…but somehow he’s BACK…and I can’t beat him unless I get closer. But unfortunately, he’s out of my reach.
  • Player: What the…how come? (Continue) Bye. (Decline)
  • JOE: I need to obtain the “Saints Corpse Parts” to get his current location. There are about 4 of them.
  • Player: I’ll help you. (Accept) Bye. (Decline)
  • JOE: You’re a great guy…come back to me when you have the items. (QUEST BEGINS)


Jongic can be found in Merchant’s Keep and asks for a price of $100 for the Umbrella.

  • Jongic: Man.. out of all the places, they chose to do the race in the desert! It’s so hot… don’t ya think? Luckily I got some umbrellas out here to block the sun.
  • Player: Can I buy one from you? (Continue) – Ok, but who asked? (Decline)
  • Jongic: Hmm.. how about for $100?
  • Player: Yes, please. (Buy) – Nevermind. (Decline)
  • Jongic: Enjoy.

Alex the Bartender

If you’re a vampire, you can buy Blood Bottles from Alex, the Bartender at The Vampire Bar in the sewers. Only three of these should be held at once lest you overload your blood meter.

If not a Vampire:

  • Alex: Oh, a human? I could kill you right now…

Upon talking to without Blood Bottles:

  • Alex: Would you like anything? Perhaps a bottle of blood?
  • Player: Yeah. Give me that. (Continue) – No thanks. (Decline)
  • Alex: That’ll be $50
  • Player: Alright. (Buy) – Nevermind. (Decline)
  • Alex: One bottle of blood coming right up!

Upon talking to you after already buying 3 Blood Bottles:

  • Alex: Save some blood for the rest of us, Vamps!


You need DIO’s Diary and Level 40 to talk to Pucci. He takes the Diary and gives you quests when you talk to him. He gives you the Green Baby after completing the quests. Whitesnake is fused with the baby to become C-Moon (requires Worthiness V). Pucci supports the player and DIO. When you reach prestige 3 and level 40, this quest will likely level you up to max.

Before handing over the Green Baby, Pucci will send you five quests. You’ll need to complete these tasks:

  1. Defeat 30 Thugs (Near policeman park) Rewards: +$500 +2100 EXP
  2. Defeat 25 Alpha Thugs (Near Leone Abbacchio’s partner) Rewards: +$500 +2800 EXP
  3. Defeat 20 Corrupt Police Officers (near Leaky Eye Luca) Rewards: +$500 +3500 EXP
  4. Defeat 15 Zombie Henchman (Near Dracula in the sewers) Rewards: +$500 +4200 EXP
  5. Defeat 10 Vampires (Near William Zeppeli in the sewers) Rewards: +$500 +4900 EXP


  • Make friends with JOE, assist him with his “issues,” and you’ll get DEO’s Bone.
  • Take down Joe Kujoe and get your “disc.” $300+ 0+ EXP in rewards (Chance for Joe’s Disc)


When you are on the Defeat 3 Vampires Quest, you can find Zeppeli in the Sewers. He will kill you right away if you are a vampire or have the Spec.


Brad is in an alley near Narancia Ghirga and will sell you the Bat for $150. This weapon is Spec-neutral, which means you don’t need a Specialty to buy it, and it doesn’t go away when you die. Note that if you already have Boxing Gloves or Pluck in your inventory, the Bat will replace them.

ShiftPlox The Travelling Merchant

One of the most important Merchants in the game is ShiftPlox the Traveling Merchant. He is near the road that leads to the Naples Train Station. ShiftPlox will buy things from you in exchange for money. He will buy Gold Coins ($120), Diamonds ($500), Stand Arrows ($200), Rokas ($600), Pure Rokas ($1,500), Rib Cage of Saint’s Corpse ($1,200), Steel Balls ($1,000), and Stone Masks ($1,000). The Bat and Blood Bottles are special items that can’t be sold.


Matheus is on the street across from ShiftPlox, near the edge of Naples City. For 3 diamonds and $5,000, he will reset only your Speciality and Skill points that were spent on the speciality skill tree.

Fang, the Negotiator

Fang can be found in the same area as the Alpha Thugs and Quinton, and every 12 hours he will sell you a random Cosmetic for $10,000. Together with Greed, he serves as a substitute for two Cosmetics in Casual SBR.

Greed, The Shadow of Fang

Greed can be found in close proximity to Fang and offers the same Cosmetics for sale. However, instead of using game currency, you’ll need to shell out 49 Robux to acquire a mystery Cosmetic. If you need Greed’s help, you won’t have to wait as long as you would with Fang.

Isabelle the Arrowsmith

Isabelle, who can be found near Pannacotta Fugo (NPC|Quest), sells Requiem Arrows for $7,500 and Mysterious Arrows in exchange for these items. Taking the Prestige Master Will quest and obtaining the SBR will also allow you to speak with this NPC and purchase the Requiem Arrow.


Jesus can be found throughout the map, including the Diavolo Fort spawn area, the end of the train tunnel, the toll box near Giorno, Eli’s Pizzeria, The Boss’ Caffe, and the area next to Bucciarati in the Diavolo Fort. In other words, he can make Tusk Act 2 into Tusk Act 3.



Uzurashi teaches Sword-Style and sells the Pluck for $1,000; both of his services can be found atop the buildings near the Mountains where the Thug’s are.


Boxing is taught by Quinton, who operates out of a brick building with no roof that can be purchased for $15,000; the gloves go for $1,000.

Elder Vampire Roomy

Located in the Vampire Bar in the Sewers with Alex the Bartender, Elder Vampire Roomy (contributor ZaRoomy) is the trainer for Vampirism, which costs a whopping $10,000 and requires the player to use the Stone Mask to turn into a Vampire; there is no weapon with this specialization.

Jonathan Joestar

Hamon’s instructor, Jonathan Joestar, can be found in the far left corner of the Mountains, on a train station platform in Naples. No weapon has the Hamon Specialty, and it costs $15,000. As a vampire, he will kill you on the spot if you approach him. For legal reasons, his name was recently changed to Jonathan Joemama.

Gyro Zeppeli

When you get to the end of the Steel Ball Run race, you’ll find Gyro Zeppeli, the Spin instructor, waiting at the end of the bridge. You must have $100,000 and a Steel Ball to access the spec.

Prestige Master Will

The Prestige Master, Will, is a non-playable character who aids the player in achieving new levels of Prestiging. As the player’s prestige increases, they can advance past Level 35 without losing their hard-earned experience or skill points. To Prestige will set you back $5000, and there is a maximum of 3 levels.

Storyline NPCs

A conversation with Giorno Giovanna, the first nonplayer character, will launch Your Own Bizarre Adventure (Storyline)

After you’ve dispatched the first five guards, Koichi Hirose will appear as the second non-playable character you talk to.

We’ll give you a rundown of all the Giorno Giovanna NPCs and where to find them in the game world.

We’re also checking out the rest of the story-focused NPCs scattered about the map.

Giorno GiovannaTrain Station (Main Spawn When You Start The Game)$70, 240 EXP, and Stand ArrowDefeat 5 Security Guard’s.
Giorno GiovannaTrain Station$30, and 240 EXPBring Koichi’s Suitcase to Koichi.
Giorno GiovannaThe Park Near Mountain and Thugs$125 and 960 EXPDefeat Leaky Eye Luca.
Giorno GiovannaThe Park Near Mountain and Thugs$250, 1600 EXP, and Bruno Bucciarati’s Hair (Cosmetic)Defeat Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno BucciaratiThe Cafeteria, next to Koichi.$35 and +240 EXPGiving the lighter to Giorno Giovanna.
Giorno GiovannaThe Apartment Balcony Near The Alpha Thugs and Coffee Place.$10, +160 EXPTalk To Fugo
Pannacotta FugoThe Park Next To Alpha Thugs and Isabelle (Requiem Arrowsmith)$15, +240 EXP, and Fugo’s Hair (COSMETIC)Talk To Mista
Guido MistaNear Koichi and The Cafeteria In The Garbage Area$20, +280 EXP, and Mista’s HatTalk To Narancia
Narancia GhirgaThe Peach Building Next To Brad and Bruno Bucciarati$25, +320 EXP, and Narancia’s HairTalk To Abbacchio

Enemies NPCs

Leaky Eye Luca

125 health, shovel swings – 6 damage, heavy swings – 12 damage

Bruno Bucciarati

300 health, barrage – 0.9 damage (36 damage in total), barrage finisher – 11 damage, arm grab – 6.6 damage, normal punches – 5.5 damage, heavy punch – 7.5 damage

Security Guards: 50 health, normal punches – 4 damage, heavy punches – 6 damage

Thugs: 50 health, normal punches – 4 damage, heavy punches – 6 damage

Corrupted Police: 65 health, normal punches – 4 damage, heavy punches – 6 damage, taser gun (passive) – 10 damage

Alpha Thugs: 75 health, bat swings – 5 damage, heavy swings – 9 damage

Zombie Henchmen: 70 health, normal punches – 4 damage, jaw breaker – 26 damage, eye gouge – 18 damage

Vampires: 100 health, normal punches – 4 damage, blood suck – 2 damage (10 damage in total) – also heals 10 health, freeze – 11 damage

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