Elden Ring: You are not destined to open this chest

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Read our You are not destined to open this chest Elden Ring guide to finding out! Learn how to open a mysterious chest found in Nokron, the Eternal City.

After defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, in Elden Ring,  you will gain access to character stat changes. Then you go ahead and interact with the chest behind her ,and oh it’s locked. Well, there is a way to unlock it much later in the game, but that would be cool. 

Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you open Rennala’s Treasure Chest in the Great Library of Lukaria’s Paradise while fighting the Dread Shadows.

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you are not destined to open this chest elden ring

If you’ve been following our series of guides, you’ll know that this game has many secret areas that aren’t generally visited during a campaign. If you want to open Rennala’s chest in  Elden Ring, here’s the gist:

  • Ensure you complete Kariya’s estate to complete Witch Ranni’s personal quest.
  • It would help if you defeated Radan’s Starscourge to gain access to the Eternal City of Nokron. Also, an essential item is called the Black Knife from the Black Knife Catacombs. Also, it may be needed. Although none of the NPCs commented on it, I still had it in my inventory.
  • Assuming you are already serving the Witch Ranny/on her quest, go to the end of the Sacred Lands of Night in the Eternal City of Nocron. You will receive a Fingerslaying Blade.
  • Give it back to Ranny so you can invert the Carian Training Room. This allows you to pick up the Mask of Death’s Curse at the top of Lukaria’s Divine Paradise Tower.
  • Return to Ranni’s Rise, then to Renna’s Rise, where you will see a teleport that will take you to Nokstella Eternal City.

Nokstella Eternal City is a huge area equal to most of the other Legacy Dungeons in the game. However, the item you are looking for is at the very beginning after you have teleported. It’s called Miniature Ranny Doll.

When you rest in the Place of Grace, you will notice another option: talk to the Miniature Ranny. If you do this the first couple of times, nothing will happen.

However, if you keep choosing the option, Ranny will talk to you through the doll (creepy). Then she gives you another task – to kill the sinister shadows.

To find sinister shadows in Elden Ring, go through the Eternal City of Noxtella:

  • There are more enemies on the upper path and many great rewards.
  • You’ll break through a stream past dozens of mobs on the lower path.

Both paths are interconnected, but it’s faster to go through the lower area. You will eventually see a building on your left with an elevator that will take you to a place of grace in the basin of the Noxtella Falls.

Rest and go through the narrow tunnel. He has several tadpoles (they are tadpoles, but they are also holes). When you get to the next red water ruins, you will see Ominous Shadows. This enemy has attacks that are easy to telegraph. However, they also trigger Balefire (I thought it was an excellent term for a status effect) even if they are blocked.

Either way, dodge and hit him whenever you can. Once he dies, you will receive a discarded palace key.

Note:  If you haven’t spoken to the miniature Ranny doll, the Evil Shadows will not appear.

You are now ready to open Rennala’s chest in  Elden Ring. Quickly return to her quarters and open them to receive… Ring of the Dark Moon.

Unfortunately, you cannot equip it as it is an essential item. But you will be able to use it soon enough. Remember the place where you fought the Evil Shadows? If you go further, an elevator will take you to another secret area called Rot Lake. From there, you will fight the Great Enemy, which, you guessed it, leads to another secret place (the Ring of the Dark Moon will be used here).

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