you are not destined to open this chest elden ring

Elden Ring: You are not destined to open this chest

There are many mysteries in Elden Ring. These elements range from exploring new locations bosses fighting, and earning precious goods. In Elden Ring, a lot of areas are hidden, so players are often perplexed or perplexed as to what to do. For example, Nokron, the Eternal City, has a mysterious chest that can be found. When you attempt to open it, you might receive a cryptic message saying, ‘You Are Not Destined To Open This.’ Is there a way to open it, and what might you find if you did? Read our You Are Not Destined To Open This Elden Ring guide to finding the answer!

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How to Open the “You Are Not Destined To Open This” Chest in Elden Ring

you are not destined to open this chest elden ring

There are multiple ways to reach this chest in Elden Ring, which means you may do so before the story wants you to. We will clarify what we mean by this. You can locate this chest in Nokron, the Eternal City’s Night’s Sacred Ground, under a massive skeleton statue. If you have not yet reached Nokron, we have a fantastic guide on how to get there. Once you get to this chest and try to open it, you will receive a message that says, “You Are Not Destined To Open This.”

Ranni’s questline isn’t finished, so you’re getting this message. During her adventure, she asks for your help finding the “Hidden wealth of Nokron.” This is what she is seeking. Once you have completed her quest and gotten the Fingerslayer Blade from her, you will be able to open the chest. Even though it appears to be a weapon, the Fingerslayer Blade is a Key Item. Take it to Ranni at Ranni’s Rise to advance the quest.

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