Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello Skins

Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello Skins Complete Guide 2023

Welcome to “Your Bizarre Adventure: YBA Trello Skins“! Are you a fan of the famous Japanese manga and anime series “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”? If so, you’re in for a treat! We’ve created a collection of Trello skins featuring characters and motifs from the beloved series.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking to add fun to your Trello boards, these skins are sure to please. So grab your stands and get ready to add bizarre flair to your organization. Let’s embark on this bizarre adventure together!

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Your Bizarre Adventure Skins

The March 29 patch brought about the addition of skins for stands. They alter the look of your mood in a way that cannot be reversed. Getting a hold of them is possible through any means.

Currently, there are skins of:

  1. Star Platinum (9 skins)
  2. The World (8 skins)
  3. Six Pistols (8 skins)Paragon Official Tier List as of December 16
  4. King Crimson (7 skins)
  5. Anubis (6 skins)
  6. Killer Queen (6 skins)
  7. Stone Free (5 skins)
  8. Hierophant Green (4 Skins)
  9. The World Alternate Universe (4 skins)
  10. Star Platinum: The World (4 skins)
  11. Whitesnake (4 skins)
  12. Gold Experience Requiem (3 skins)
  13. The hand (4 skins)
  14. Crazy Diamond (6 skins)
  15. Tusk Act 4 (3 skins)
  16. Made in Heaven (3 skins)
  17. Aerosmith (3 skins)
  18. Magician Red (4 skins)
  19. Red Hot Chili Pepper (3 skins)
  20. Purple Haze (3 skins)
  21. Silver Chariot (3 skins)
  22. Sticky Fingers (2 skins)
  23. The World Over Heaven (4 skins)
  24. C-Moon (2 skins)
  25. Mr. President (2 skins)
  26. Beach Boy (2 skins)
  27. King Crimson Requiem (3 skins)
  28. D4C (2 skin)
  29. D4C: Love Train (1 skin)
  30. White Album (1 skin)
  31. Hermit Purple (2 skins)
  32. Killer Queen Bites The Dust (1 skin)
  33. Gold Experience (3 skins)
  34. Silver Chariot Requiem (2 skin)
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The shiny of evolution must be obtained by evolving the regular base stand, which has a low chance of doing so.

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The Pity System

Based on how many arrows you’ve used or how frequently you’ve purchased rerolls, the Pity System was developed to give players a better chance of obtaining a Stand Skin. Your pity now saves when you exit the game, thanks to the v1.007 update.

  • Using an arrow and other items that allow you to roll and stand causes your pity to increase by 0.04%. (Ribcage, Requiem Arrow, Green Baby, MiH Evolution, TWOH Evolution).
  • You have a 2x greater chance of getting skin when rolling stand for robux (for instance, if you have 1.5% pity, you will have 3% rolling skin for robux).
  • Maximum pity for a robux reroll is 20%, and maximum pity is 10%.
  • Your sympathy is reset to 1% after getting skin.
  • Pity increases the 95% skin gain from Lucky Arrow (5% pity = 100% skin gain from Lucky Arrow).
  • Pity has no impact on skin rarity.
  • You cannot feel sorry for a stand with no skins (Scary Monsters, Tusk Act 1).
  • Since ribcage has a 50% chance of rolling a stand with skin and arrow has a 100% chance, using ribcage is technically preferable if you want to get high pity. It’s more expensive, though, and not worthwhile.

Limited Skins

Specific stand skins available during a limited time or at a special event are now permanently out of circulation. Eighteen unique skins will be available for purchase during Halloween 2021, Christmas 2021, and Halloween 2022. Compared to their non-limited counterparts, their value and demand tend to skyrocket.

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From October 16, 2021, until November 7, 2021, players could participate in the Halloween event and purchase unique Halloween skins. Seasonal skins, such as those featured during the 2022 Halloween event (which ran from October 16 to November 7), are likely to return annually.

As anticipated, 2021 holiday skins were made available once more in the 2022 Christmas Update.

Skin Collections

Here are some YBA Trello skins.


Congratulations on making it to the end of our complete guide to Your Bizarre Adventure YBA Trello skins! We hope this guide has helped you to customize your Trello boards with some of the most iconic and beloved characters from the YBA series. With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to add a touch of the bizarre to your daily workflow and make your Trello boards stand out from the rest. Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and we can’t wait to see the creative ways you’ll use these skins to enhance your Trello experience. Until next time, keep on Trello-ing!

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