Xbox One Gets Over Twenty-Five New Games Next Week (May 29 - June 2)

Xbox One Gets Over Twenty-Nine New Games Next Week (May 29 – June 2)

Hello, and welcome to the latest Xbox game recap for May 29-June 2! There are a lot of new games coming out in the next few days, including Street Fighter 6, the start of the Diablo 4 early access period (for owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions), and the release of three games for Xbox Game Pass on the service’s first day.

The following are next week’s Xbox updates:

New Xbox Releases (May 29 – June 2)

  1. Chicory: A Colorful Tale (May 30): “Make friends, explore, solve puzzles, and paint anything with your painting abilities! by the designers of Wandersong and Celeste.”
  2. Company Of Heroes 3 (May 30): “The best WW2 console experience is Company of Heroes 3, which offers a well-balanced mix of action, tactics, and strategy.”
  3. Farworld Pioneers (May 30): “Open-world science fiction sandbox. Build and manage colonies on alien planets, explore alone or with friends in multiplayer, and hire AI survivors with distinctive personalities and skills.”
  4. Shame Legacy (May 30): “A forsaken cultist village serves as the setting for the first-person survival-horror game Shame Legacy. Utilize stealth and escape to survive.”
  5. To Hell With The Ugly (May 30): “At 20, you’ve already established yourself as a young man of undeniable charisma. You’ve been kidnapped and drugged after a night at the Zooty Slammer, and you wake up in an unfamiliar hospital.”
  6. A Building Full Of Cats (May 31): “It’s a hidden object game in which you must pet every cat in the complex. Don’t abandon the feline friends!”
  7. Age Of Solitaire: Build Civilization (May 31): “Play the timeless card game Klondike Solitaire to create your civilization. Your stress will vanish thanks to lovely graphics and soothing music.”
  8. Aquarist (May 31): “Build an aquarium each fish will want to call home. You can put even the wackiest ideas into practice thanks to the variety of objects in the game!”
  9. Fritz: Don’t Call Me A Chess Bot (May 31): “For more than 30 years, FRITZ has been reshaping the chess industry. You can now play brilliantly winning games against FRITZ on Xbox with AI-supported help features.”
  10. LASERPITUM (May 31): “A 2D shoot ’em up with hand-drawn HD graphics, featuring multidirectional scrolling and parallax.”
  11. Lucy Dreaming (May 31): “This hilarious British point-and-click adventure has you uncovering a family secret and helping a young girl overcome her night terrors.”
  12. Railbound (May 31): “Help people get home by joining and splitting rail lines across varied terrain. Find your way through more than two hundred ingenious challenges, from easy slopes to winding tunnels.”
  13. The Tartarus Key (May 31): “Alex Young awakens to find herself trapped in a strange mansion with puzzles, traps, and cameras watching her every move. There is no way out.”
  14. Undead Horde 2: Necropolis (May 31): “Undead Horde 2 combines role-playing, strategic, and hack-and-slash gameplay elements into a necromantic action experience.”
  15. Away: The Survival Series (June 1): “Save your family as you embark on a high-flying adventure through the trees, where you’ll encounter dangerous predators and beautiful environments.”
  16. Homebody (June 1): “Homebody is a nostalgic survival horror puzzle game where you catch up with old friends and try not to get murdered.”
  17. I Did Not Buy This Ticket (June 1): “Weep for the dead! In this short psychological horror story, play as a professional mourner traveling between funerals.”
  18. Killer Frequency (June 1): “Enjoy a jukebox of classic songs from the 1980s as you save lives, operate the switchboards, and solve puzzles.”
  19. Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance Of The Slayer (June 1): “Do you have what it takes to be an X Slayer? In this retro-inspired FPS, pledge to defend the people of Earth from the Psyko Sindikate.”
  20. Zombie Derby 2 (June 1): “Navigate through areas teeming with zombies using brutal, upgradable vehicles equipped with heavy weapons and breakneck speeds.”
  21. Diablo IV: Early Access – Digital/Ultimate Editions (June 2): “Diablo IV is the pinnacle of action role-playing games, featuring an infinite number of enemies to slay, a wide variety of skills to learn, terrifying levels, and legendary treasure.”
  22. Kuroi Tsubasa (June 2): “In this visual novel featuring over 50 original songs, dozens of high-quality art pieces, and more, Blackwing must join forces with a local office lady, Kureha Kurono, and her friends to defeat the evil shadow.”
  23. MINABO – A Walk Through Life (June 2): “Develop your social network by nurturing the connections that are important to you and avoiding the ones that don’t.”
  24. Paper Flight – Beyond Time (June 2): “You suddenly find yourself in control of a tiny paper plane that must fly through tiny, evil balloon demons to save the world.”
  25. Speed Truck Racing (June 2): “Prepare yourself to experience speed in Speed Truck Racing. Take part in the fastest, most spectacular races while avoiding collisions with 20 opponents.”
  26. Street Fighter 6 (June 2): “Play as renowned experts and popular characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and more! Here is where your journey to becoming a World Warrior begins.”
  27. Sugar Tanks (June 2): “A challenging, frantic, and extremely enjoyable tank shooter game. Protect your beautiful home planet from evil grey tanks attempting to rob it of all its colors.”
  28. Super Mega Baseball 4 (June 2): “With the series’ recognizable blend of arcade-inspired style and deep gameplay immersion, you can hit, pitch, throw, and slide into home plate.”
  29. We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie (June 2): “Play was upgraded With new features like Royal Reverie, the second game in the Katamari series, We Love Katamari Damacy, was released in 2005.”

Xbox Game Pass Titles

  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale (May 30)
  • Farworld Pioneers (May 30)
  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (June 1)
  • Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance Of The Slayer (June 1)

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