Will Subnautica 3 Have Multiplayer

Deep Dive into the Future: Will Subnautica 3 Make a Splash with Multiplayer?

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Open-world action-adventure game Subnautica was created and released by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

For Microsoft Windows in December 2014, macOS in June 2015, and Xbox One in May 2016, Subnautica was made available in early access. For Microsoft Windows and macOS, it was taken out of early access in January 2018, and for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in December 2018. Gearbox Publishing was in charge of the console versions’ physical publication. Released in May 2021 were the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch versions.

More than five million copies had been sold by January 2020. Subnautica: Below Zero, a stand-alone expansion, was released on May 14, 2021.

According to Unknown Worlds Entertainment, future installments of the Subnautica series should include multiplayer and cooperative modes.

Subnautica and its follow-up Subnautica: Below Zero is not your typical survival game; most players will agree. They combine the diverse and rich ocean environments with the irrational fear of what lies deeper below. However, unlike other survival games, the Subnautica series is only available for single-player play, departing from a sizable portion of the gaming industry that favors multiplayer or cooperative gameplay. The Subnautica series stands out from its rivals because other games that offer comparable experiences, like Raft or Grounded, can offer multiplayer options.

Subnautica would lose ground compared to other survival games because of its lack of multiplayer, even if it were only playable by a small group. Even though the series is still going robust with the release of Subnautica: Below Zero, which is a departure from the original, Unknown Worlds Entertainment will need to start thinking about broadening the scope of Subnautica in future games. Adding a cooperative mode where players can recruit their pals to join them on their oceanic adventures and help them construct underwater bases is one such change that needs to be implemented.

Why Isn’t Co-Op in Subnautica Yet?


Unknown Worlds Entertainment claims that Subnautica’s multiplayer component was initially intended to be included to expedite the game’s release. Unknown Worlds Entertainment acknowledges that after the games’ success, it is now in a difficult position. The company still wants to add co-op or multiplayer, but doing so would require completely rewriting the games’ mechanics. Unknown Worlds Entertainment hinted that it might eventually release an updated version of the game to follow in Don’t Starve Together’s multiplayer footsteps.

In summary, while the studio constantly improves and expands its games, adding multiplayer or co-op modes is not a top priority. The game’s development was cut short, but thanks to the efforts of the modding community, players can still experience Subnautica as intended. Subnautica does not officially support multiplayer, but some mods add the feature. While this expertise is the occasional bug, they show how much potential the franchise has if it were to recommit to a proper multiplayer mode finally.

Will Subnautica 3 Have Multiplayer? Future Subnautica Multiplayer


Unknown Worlds Entertainment will decide if future Subnautica games will have a multiplayer mode, but given the amount of work required to adapt its formula, it seems unlikely. However, the developer should at least consider working with Subnautica modding communities or third parties to add a multiplayer mode, which could greatly benefit the game. Doing so would bring Subnautica up to par with other survival games and add new depth.

Subnautica’s narrative is polished because it focuses on single-player gameplay, but other survival games have done this while also including multiplayer and cooperative modes. Grounded, expected to be released later this month, is a survival game that appeals to a broad audience while delivering on its story. Building multiplayer survival games from the start works even in early access.

Future Subnautica games can encourage multiplayer or co-op play by sharing and improving the gameplay experience. Even with four players, this multiplayer will inspire creativity and engagement. Some players may assign resource-gathering to base-building, while others may advocate for team ocean expeditions. Multiplayer allows players to share Subnautica’s fun, work, discoveries, victories, and losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Subnautica 3 have multiplayer?

In actuality, you can. You can force the game into a co-op state on the PC platform by using a mod released in 2021. This means you can play Subnautica with friends and enjoy a different, modified experience even though it isn’t an official fix.

Will Subnautica ever have multiplayer?

Although Subnautica is a single-player game, a new mod allows it to play it cooperatively with a friend. Here’s how to play Subnautica online with others.

Did Subnautica 3 come out?

We regret to inform you that there will not be a third Subnautica game. A “turn-based strategy game set in a sci-fi world,” as PC Gamer puts it, is in the works for PC and mobile devices.

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