Will Redfall Have Crossplay in 2023

Uniting Gamers Worldwide: Will Redfall have Crossplay for Seamless Multiplayer Action?

Here is everything we know about crossplay in Redfall.

The cooperative first-person shooter (FPS) Redfall is a story-driven title by Arkane and Bethesda. Alone or in groups of four, take on a Massachusetts town full of vampires. Many are unsure if Redfall will have crossplay when it launches on May 2 on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam, Microsoft Store, Epic Games, as well as on Games Pass. Here is the solution.

Will Redfall Have Crossplay In 2023?

According to a tweet from Redfall’s official Twitter account, the game will support crossplay. Stating, “you join your friends where they are,” the Redfall team confirmed crossplay as a feature during a Community Q&A. With in-game co-op featured throughout the marketing, it stands to reason that players can kill bloodsuckers with their friends regardless of whether they are playing on PC or Xbox. It was also mentioned that Games Pass subscribers are included in this.

Having teammates to help you through missions is a huge help in an open world. There are currently four “heroes” to choose from, each with its own set of skills. While they all work well together, they are all distinct characters, and the game can be played solo and cooperatively. The missions and areas will be scaled for solo or cooperative play.

Regardless of platform, you can play with whoever you want to rock the town of Redfall solo or with friends.

Will Redfall have a single-player option?

Redfall’s multiplayer cooperative feature was the focus of the game’s early announcements. Still, it has now been revealed that a single-player mode will also be available and that any hero character can handle every encounter in the game. Hopefully, fans of Arkane who fell in love with the developer’s excellent single-player games and were concerned about missing out on the Redfall fun will find comfort in this good news. Redfall will need a persistent internet connection to play, according to Bethesda, even if you’re playing alone.


Including crossplay in Redfall will bring players from different platforms together, resulting in a larger and more diverse community. This will enhance the multiplayer experience and foster a more inclusive gaming culture. Redfall will eventually be cross-platform between Xbox and PC. It could be an essential step towards creating a more connected and welcoming environment for all gamers in the gaming industry.

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