What Happened To Seluvis & Why Is Seluvis Dead Elden Ring?

Why Is Seluvis Dead Elden Ring? Read this article to know more about what happened to Seluvis and why it closed down.

You can find many NPCs who help you during your quest and give you important information about the world around you. Some NPCs are friendly towards you, while others behave rudely toward the player. One such NPC is Seluvis. He is annoying and tries to get into your mind and disturb your thoughts.

Why Is Seluvis Dead Elden Ring

To finish the game, the player must complete the main questline of the Seluvis. However, little information about him is known outside these events. After completing the quests, he gives new hints and clues to what may be happening during the game.

To complete the quests, you must also complete the quests of various NPCs. These NPCs can be found throughout the levels of the game. You may find these quests easier to complete if you complete the main quest line and then move on to the side quests.

How To Complete Seluvis’s Questline?

Seluvis is one of the NPCs (non-player characters) you will encounter during your adventure in the Elden Ring, as are all other NPCs in the Elden ring.

What Happened To Seluvis

Seluvis has his own questline that players can complete completing the game. If you want to finish his questline, follow these steps:

  1. Once unlocking the three sisters in northwest Liurnia, attempt accessing additional towers to unlock Seluvis’ tower, but remember that you can only begin Sluvis’ questline after you have begun Ranni’s questline.
  2. Now meet with Seluvis in his tower; Seluvis will offer to teach you sorcery if you fulfill an assignment for him first, even if you try to communicate with him. Seluvis will refuse to speak to you until you acknowledge the fulfillment of his quest.
  3. He will give you an invitation to visit him at his new home in Nepheli Loux.
  4. Nepheli Loux can be found in either the Roundtable Hold or the Albinaurics Village. At the Roundtable Hold, you’ll be provided discussion options for the potion.
  5. When you begin the duty of distributing the potion, you will notice that the Nepheli is upset and will be downstairs, near the Imp Statue Seals. You can give her the potion or walk upstairs to speak with Gideon.
  6. If you go upstairs and talk to Gideon, you can tell him about the potion. You can either give it to him to dispose of or keep it and give it to Nepheli. If you choose to have him dispose of it, he will advise you to continue telling Seluvis that you gave the potion to Nepheli to fool him.
  7. Seluvis will claim you’re working with Nepheli since he believes you gave him the potion, and he’ll give you the choice of two distinct summonable ashes: Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet or Jarwright Puppet. If you genuinely delivered the potion to Nepheli, you’ll have a third option: Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet.
  8. When you finish Ranni’s quest and return to the tower of Seluvis, you will find that the Seluvis is dead Elden ring. This appears to be one of the mysteries that have many conspiracy theories and is surrounded by many assumptions and beliefs, but you can still purchase puppets and stuff from Seluvis.
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The most persuasive theory we’ve uncovered about the death of the Seluivs in the Elden Ring game is that Seluvis was attempting to transform Ranni into a puppet. As a result, Ranni was forced to assault Seluivs, which led to Ranni slaughtering the Selvuis.

However, there is no onscreen explanation for Seluvis’ strange death, yet this is the best theory that fits into the image based on the plot and storyline.

Many gamers wondered how Seluvis could die without speaking to him, but now you know that he perished in his tower while attempting to transform Ranni, the white witch, into a puppet, forcing Ranni to slay Seluvis.

Most players are perplexed as to whether the unexpected demise of the Seluvis was a result of their decisions or the narrative that was followed during the entire game. Regarding other NPCs in the Elden ring, the Seluvis lacks a personal story arc.

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