Who is Yingxing in Honkai Star Rail

Who Is Yingxing In Honkai Star Rail? All You Need To Know!

Players have plenty to do following the most recent Honkai Star Rail update, but one mystery still exists: Who is Yingxing? While completing the Trailblaze mission in Xianzhou, you come across the name. Although the voice may be recognizable, the identity of the ethereal man speaking is initially unknown. However, paying closer attention to the conversations makes the solution more clear. We’ll talk about Yingxing’s identity and how to learn her backstory.

Identity of Yingxing in Honkai Star Rail

Start the Trailblazer mission “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant,” but don’t finish the objectives right away. Investigate the area more. There are plenty of ethereal characters here. They act as reminders. You can talk to them and overhear previous conversations if you get close to them. These character exchanges in Honkai Star Rail will teach you about Yingxing.


One of the conversations you overhear is between the High Elder and a Middle-Aged Voice. The other Yingxing will be called by the High Elder, but the voice sounds like it belongs to another player in the game. Dan Feng himself observes how similar it sounds. In any case, Blade’s real name is Yingxing.

Who Is Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

Blade stands out among the playable characters who could be Yingxing in Honkai Star Rail because he is one of the most enigmatic. He tells the tale of how he exchanged his body for a sword. The narrative also explains that he still goes by his birth name. Instead, he went by the name “Blade.”

Even so, you will learn more about his past that is consistent with him being Yingxing in Honkai Star Rail once you reach Character Level 80. It describes how he took a merchant ship to Xianzhou and developed a forging compulsion. He always had the impression that time was running out.

The information fits in nicely with the exchange between the High Elder and the Middle-Aged Voice in the Trailblaze mission. There are only two hours left for Yingxing, says the High Elder. The man answers:

Middle-Aged Voice: I’m a short-life species. Do you think two hours isn’t enough? It will be done.

In Honkai Star Rail, every cue points to the relationship between Blade and Yingxing. We also know that Blade lost his birth name in Xianzhou and experienced his first real death there, coming to terms with his identity as nothing more than a tool. It’s a fun addition to the game’s overall lore. Additionally, it’s nice to see Blade’s complicated past acknowledged.

Obtain Blade in the Warp if you don’t already have him. Along with Arlan, Natasha, and Sushang, he will be featured until August 9, 2023.

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