Where to Find Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring

Where to Find Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring?

Read on to learn where to get preserving boluses in Elden Ring and how to craft them.

The boluses in Elden Ring are medical consumables that can be used to cure status effects.

There are seven antidotes called “boluses,” each used when trying to heal a (negative) effect on your character. While each status effect wears off after a certain time, the boluses speed up the process significantly.

This guide will look at the different types of boluses in the Elden Ring, showing their effects, recipes, and locations.

Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring

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What you need boluses for in Elden Ring

Boluses are the medical antidote when your character has caught a status effect. Ranging from poison to rot to madness, status effects can deal severe damage (and possibly even kill you outright ).

So that this does not happen in the first place, various boluses are used. They work against these effects and alleviate them. To craft the boluses, you need unique recipes from some manuals.

These boluses are available in Elden Ring.

  • Preserving Boluses: Work against Scarlet Rot and heal Rot.
  • Hemostatic Boluses: Effective against impending blood loss and damage from bleeding.
  • Frost thawing boluses: Alleviate the stress of frost.
  • Clearing Boluses: Counteracts the strain of insanity.
  • Neutralizing Boluses: Alleviate toxin burden and heal poisoning.
  • Stimulating Boluses: Ease the stress of sleep.
  • Rejuvenating Boluses: Effective against the strain of Death Plague.

Where to Find Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring

  • Effective against: Scarlet Rot.
  • Recipe: Armorer’s Cookbook 6 (found at Siofra, very close to the “Siofra’s Shores” place of mercy).
  • Required ingredients: 2x Dewkissed Herba + 1x Crystal Cave Moss + 1x Sacramental Bud.

Locations of Preserving Boluses

  • 5x in the Shack of Rot in Caelid .
  • 1x in the Royal Capital Leyndell after taking the first elevator down. The boluses are in the next building.
  • 1x at the Siofra River if you follow the course of the area and take the elevator up next to the waterfall.
  • It can be bought 3x from the nomadic trader near the Aeonia swamp shore in Caelid. They cost 2500 runes each.
  • 1x in the south of the Blight Lake, just before the transition to the Great Cloister.

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How to Craft Preserving Boluses

You’ll need the Armorer’s Cookbook [6] to make the Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring.

Climb upward from the Siofra River Bank site marked on the map above to obtain this Cookbook. Head west, and you’ll come upon the cookbook on a corpse.

Once you have the Cookbook, you may make Preserving Boluses by gathering the necessary ingredients. The three essential objects, as well as their number and placement, are listed below.

  • Dewkissed Herba (x2): This may be found across the Elden Ring Map.
  • Crystal Cave Moss (x1): Inside the Academy Crystal Cave.
  • Sacramental Bud (x1): In Church of the Plague.

After collecting all of these ingredients, you may make Preserving Boluses. You can constantly make these consumable goods if you have the necessary ingredients.

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