where to find all Origami Crane locations in Honkai Star Rail

Where To Find All Origami Crane Locations On Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Honkai Star Rail, a thrilling game with countless quests and a fascinating storyline, can often lead players to overlook some hidden gems. One such concealed treasure is the Origami Crane quest, which can be found by those who pay close attention to the game’s details. This article serves as a professional guide on where to find all Origami Crane locations in Honkai Star Rail, ensuring that you don’t miss out on this exciting secret quest.

Initiating the Origami Crane Quest

To begin the hidden Origami Crane quest, head towards the Electrical Room in the Supply Zone with the Space Anchor. Upon entering, locate the child next to a large terminal and interact with the screens to examine them. Attempt to guess the password—though don’t fret if you’re unsuccessful, as the terminal has another surprise in store. Prepare yourself for a scavenger hunt to discover Origami Cranes and test your gaming prowess!

How To Find All Origami Crane Locations

Within the Supply Room, there are four Origami Cranes concealed in various spots. Unfortunately, you won’t receive any hints about their whereabouts, nor will you find any markers on the map. Instead, you must rely on keen observation and this comprehensive guide to locate each Origami Crane.

The Origami Cranes manifest as indigo spheres containing an origami crane inside. To help streamline your search, we’ve compiled a list of their locations:

  1. Origami Crane 1 (Near The Electrical Room Exit): Near the Electrical Room’s exit, direct your focus towards each corner of the room. You’ll find an indigo sphere containing an Origami Crane in both the left and right corners.

2. Origami Crane 2 (Behind The Tall Column): In the left corner adjacent to the Electrical Room’s entrance, you’ll notice an indigo sphere hidden behind a tall column.


3. Origami Crane 3 (Beyond The Treasure Chest): Close to the terminal, you’ll see a treasure chest that appears to block your path. Navigate around it, and you’ll discover the third Origami Crane location in Honkai Star Rail in another corner of the room.


4. Origami Crane 4 (Outside The Electrical Room): This final crane location is slightly more challenging to find, as it’s located outside the Electrical Room, though not far away. Exit the Electrical Room and look to your left, where you’ll spot a beautiful plant with the shiny indigo orb resting atop it.


Completing the Origami Crane Quest and Reaping the Rewards

Once you’ve successfully located all four Origami Cranes, return to the terminal and input the correct password: 1233211234567. You’ll then receive your well-deserved rewards (such as 20 Hertareum and 5000 Credits) for completing this secret quest in Honkai Star Rail.

Additional Tips for Honkai Star Rail

In addition to the Origami Crane quest, Honkai Star Rail offers numerous other hidden quests and challenges to keep players engaged. As you progress through the game, keep an eye out for subtle clues and hints that may lead you to more exciting adventures.

Honkai Star Rail’s Expansive Universe

Honkai Star Rail’s captivating game world provides players with endless hours of entertainment. From completing standard quests to discovering secret missions like the Origami Crane quest, there’s always something new to explore. Remember to stay observant and open to exploration, as you never know what exciting challenges await you in the vibrant universe of Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: A Game for All Platforms

Honkai Star Rail is a versatile game, available on both PC and mobile platforms. This accessibility allows gamers to enjoy the thrilling adventures, enthralling quests, and captivating storyline of Honkai Star Rail, regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

Conclusion: Where to Find All Origami Crane Locations in Honkai Star Rail

In summary, this professional guide provides comprehensive information on where to find all Origami Crane locations on Honkai Star Rail. By following the steps outlined above and remaining vigilant in your gameplay, you’ll be well-equipped to uncover and complete the hidden Origami Crane quest. Honkai Star Rail’s expansive and immersive game world is full of surprises, ensuring that players remain engaged and eager to discover the next hidden gem.

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