Where is the Elden Ring Maiden Blood Located

Where is the Elden Ring Maiden Blood Located?

The Festering Bloody Finger is a multiplayer item that can be used to invade other players’ worlds. This quest educates the player on how to use the multiplayer aspect of the thing. What’s fantastic about this questline is that you keep the Bloody Finger after completing it, as it can be reused.

To locate maiden blood, you must follow the White-Faced Varre questline. Varre gives you the pure white oath cloth of Lord of Blood’s Favor after you invade other players’ worlds three times. You must soak the cloth in maiden blood to locate it.

The Festering Bloody Finger is used during the Varre questline to invade other players’ worlds. This quest teaches the player how to utilize the item’s multiplayer capabilities. What makes the Varre questline so enjoyable is that it provides the player with a Bloody Finger that can be reused indefinitely.

Where is the location of the Elden Ring Maiden Blood?

To obtain Lord of Blood’s Favor, the pure white oath cloth soaked in the maiden’s blood, you must wash the cloth in either of two locations.

You can visit two locations on your journey: the Chapel of Anticipation, where you began your first journey, and the Church of Inhibition, which is near the west side of Frenzy Flaming Tower.

An ante-chapel is an architectural structure placed before a more significant, especially a Christian church or cathedral, and sometimes dedicated to all religious funerals.

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Chapel of Anticipation


The Chapel of Anticipation is the starting point for the mission, where you fight the Grafted Scion. This map portion is only accessible through a portal at the Four Belfries.

Let me tell you how to open the maiden’s blood area.

  1. After receiving the pure white oath cloth of Lord of Blood’s Favor at Raya Lucaria Academy, go to the Four Belfries northwest of the school.

2. At the bottom of the cliff, you will find a chest holding the Imbued Sword Key.


3. In the Chapel of Anticipation, use the Imbued Sword key in the second belfry to be transported. The portals will not work unless you use the correct one.


4. After you have slain the Grafted Scion and reached the position where you first started, you will see a dead woman. Using her blood, soak the cloth and return to Limgrave.

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The church of inhibition


To get to the Church of Inhibition, start from the Mausoleum Compound near Minor Erdtree northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy. Head to the East Raya Lucaria gate site of grace by jumping down the stone tablet platform.

You can go directly to the east Raya site of grace from Raya Lucaria Academy if you have already unlocked it. Go up the hill, then take a right at the madden mouse enemy. Keep going straight and pass through the Frenzied flame Village to reach the Church of Inhibition.

Make sure to activate the lost site of grace before fighting Festering Fingerprint Vyke, or you can ignore him and get the blood-soaked from the maiden near the statue of Marika in the Church of Inhibition.

Rune Farm is a road located near Palace Approach.

The Pureblood Knight’s Medal, bestowed after completing Varre’s questline, lets you farm runes in an area customarily locked.

The numbers represent the number of runes given as a reward when an Albinaurics is slain. If you want more runes, you can kill all the enemies or rest on the grace site. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

The game is fixing the glitched places where players can easily rune the farm, but you can still level up your characters early in the game after finishing the Varre questline.

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