Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Where Elden Ring Take Place? All You Need To Know

Are you a fan of the hit video game Elden Ring? If so, you may be wondering where the game takes place. The immersive world of Elden Ring is filled with mystery and lore, and it’s no surprise that players are eager to learn more about its setting. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Elden Ring and explore where the game takes place.

So, let’s dive in and discover where Elden Ring takes place – all you need to know is right here!

Before Elden Ring‘s release, many fans had been curious about the game’s tale and digging into the lore. However, several players were thrown off because viral tweets showed the game was being played in Ohio. Let’s check if Elden Ring indeed takes place in Ohio and settle this question.

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Where Elden Ring Take Place?

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place
Where Elden Ring Take Place? Is it Ohio?

Where does Elden Ring take place? “Lands Between” is the actual site; Ohio is not where it occurs. It’s a realm ruled by the immortal and imperious Queen Marika. In addition, this does not occur in our world because the gods and monsters from “Lands Between” do not exist here.

Lands Between’s Erdtree is large and bright. Erdtree‘s golden radiance surrounds Lands Between’s tranquil residents. The “Elden Ring” powered Erdtree. Goddess Queen Marika, the Eternal, and her first Elden Lord husband, Godfrey, rule the unnatural thing with boundless power. No one else could hold this precious title. Your tale is unwritten.

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Godfrey’s power allowed him to vanquish the Giants and the Storm Lord. Yet Erdtree’s grace began to ebb away not long after the endless wars. To prevent her spouse from returning to the “Lands Between,” Queen Marika watched as the golden light of the Erdtree faded from his eyes. This is how he became the very first Tarnished. The first one to fall from grace.

Those who fell from the Erdtree‘s grace and were exiled to the “Lands Between” became known as the Tarnished. Damned to a fate of eternal roaming through the world’s uncharted regions with an infinite supply of lives and no chance of ever dying.

Having lost their grace, the Tarnished considered themselves no different from anybody else in their lands. This was until they were summoned to regain their grace to reassemble the Elden Ring.

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The Tarnished write their own game story. It can be a revenge story against those who exiled you, a redemption story to restore your ancient country, or anything else. According to director Hidetaka Miyazaki, your tale and how it’s told are unique to you, and you control the story’s ending in your hands.

The Elden Ring Lore

Because of the passage of time, the history, function, and mysteries surrounding the Elden Ring have been forgotten. Storytellers and poets have just the “Shattering,” a pivotal event, to pass on to future generations. However, the events preceding the Shattering are crucial to comprehending it.

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Because of Queen Marika’s divine status, all of her children with Godfrey were elevated to the status of demi-gods and banished to the Lands Between. Despite their large numbers, they managed to control their vast area peacefully.

The “Lands Between” was calm until an unknown cult of assassins assaulted Queen Marika’s relatives to steal the Elden Ring. Even the Goddess couldn’t halt the attack. When the assassins killed her favorite son, Godwyn the Golden, “Lands Between” changed. We don’t know how, but his death broke the Elden Ring. The “Shattering” occurred.

So, that’s the answer to your question about where Elden Ring takes place and some more information related to the lore.

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