What Happened To Iji In Elden Ring

What Happened To Iji In Elden Ring?All You Need To Know

What happened to Iji Elden Ring? War Counselor Iji is a non-playable character in Elden Ring. He is in charge of the forging process and can help improve the player character. His death in the game has made a lot of people curious about War Counselor Iji’s life and times, like who or what killed him. Read on if you want to know who killed Iji.

What happened to Iji Elden Ring?


The Black Knife killers set War Counselor Iji on fire, killing him. The player will find Iji’s body. There will be three assassins nearby who have been killed. War Advisor Iji’s body will be found with his weapon still in his hand. If you talk to him and tell him what happened to Blaidd, he will die. When the player goes back to see War Counselor Iji again, they will find his dead body. There is no solid proof that he is dead.

What is Iji Death Elden Ring?

War Counselor Iji initially declared he would kill himself as penance, but he did not. However, assassins from the Black Knife organization found him and killed him before he could commit suicide. There are many signs that the Black Knife has infiltrated the assassins working for War Counselor Iji.

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What happened to Blaidd and  Iji Elden Ring?

South of Caria Manor, not far from the Road to Manor Site of Grace, is where you can find Master Iji, the Blacksmith. What happened to Iji Elden Ring? Blaidd can be found at Ranni’s Rise when you have finished Ranni’s Quest. It makes sense that Blaidd would want to wear your armor, so you must defeat him.

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You’ll be given more choices regarding Blaidd as you have conversations with Master Iji and advance in those conversations. Even after Blaidd’s passing, the “About Blaidd” menu option will still be available. Either tell him Blaidd is dead or keep the information to yourself.

It is preferable to keep the news from Master Iji because he cannot survive hearing it. Don’t tell him about Blaidd’s passing if you intend to revisit his store. You might return to this location after taking a break at a Site of Grace and find him being burned. After obtaining his Bell Bearing, proceed to the Twin Maiden Husk to retrieve your loot.

That should put any doubt you had about whether or not to tell Master Iji about Blaidd’s passing to rest. If you don’t tell him, you can save him; however, if you do, he will perish, and you won’t be able to go into his store. However, if you want to experiment, you are free to inform Master Iji of Blaidd’s passing.

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Where to find Iji in the Elden Ring?

Iji, the enormous blacksmith and Ranni’s trusted advisor, resides at Caria Manor, a property in the northernmost Liurnia of the Lakes district of Elden Ring. Iji is close to the Graceful Road, which connects to the Manor, and is situated southwest of the Manor. He is so big that it’s hard to miss him. Iji will be encountered by those traveling to Caria Manor who have not yet explored the Elden Ring. Getting close to him from the south is a little more complicated. Iji can be seen from the north and is situated on the northwest side of Liurnia Lake.

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The first place players should look if they’re looking for Iji is along the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore. Adventurers can reach what appears to be an impenetrable wall at the northern end of the Kingsrealm Ruins by heading north-northeast from that point of grace. Torrent can double jump over the wall from the cliffside of the ruin complex on the northwest side. Iji can get to the wall on foot.

Iji is incredibly knowledgeable because she served as Ranni’s dependable confidante. He comments on how the plot develops and his assessment of how the characters evolve. In addition to selling Somber Smithing Stones, he also strengthens and repairs weapons.

How did Iji die in the Elden Ring?

The Black Knife organization’s assassins kill Iji. If you look, you can see that the fire has consumed his entire body. His assassins have been killed, and three are lying dead nearby. Iji was killed due to being discovered with his weapon still in hand.

Iji will kill himself as soon as you tell him what happened to Blaidd. If you return to see him, he will already be dead and engulfed in flames. It’s too late to prevent his death.

Iji had earlier declared he would commit suicide to atone for his transgression. The Black Knife assassins caught up to him before he could act on his ideas.

What happens if you kill Iji in the Elden Ring?

Iji will assist you through each step if you’ve started Ranni’s quest line; make sure to go back to him after finishing each assignment. He is essential throughout the entire adventure, from the beginning to the end.

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Let’s now talk about the disadvantage; what happens if you choose to attack him as soon as you see him? Some insane players are only interested in whether or not this kind of NPCs can be fought and how they will respond. Iji will tell you to stop after you strike him once, claiming that there is no need to do so because he is not an enemy. If you hit him again, he will feel degraded by your behavior and leave the area.

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