what does seppuku do elden ring How To find and use it

What Does Seppuku Do Elden Ring?How To Find And Use It?

Read on to learn about Seppuku in Elden Ring. You’ll also find out how to find and use it.

What is Seppuku In Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, Seppuku represents the Ash of War. By committing “Seppuku,” or self-suicide by stabbing oneself in the stomach, players gain the attribute Blood Affinity, which can be used with any Melee Weapon. The Seppuku Ash of War is located in the snowy region of Elden Ring known as the Mountaintops of the Giants. A teardrop scarab, which will be invisible to the naked eye, will be waiting for you on the frozen lake.

Seeing as how the invisible Teardrop Scarab will be found east of the Site of Grace, the closest location of Grace would be Freezing Lake. A white footprint trail will appear along a predetermined path when the players finally reach the area where the invisible Teardrop Scarab once roamed. Traces of an invisible Teardrop Scarab can be seen in the sand. Timing a swing or attack to connect with the Teardrop Scarab before it has a chance to fly away is essential for defeating it.

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Standing in a spot where the Teardrop Scarab turns provides an opportunity for a wider swing, as the creature must turn to escape. The Teardrop Scarab in Elden Ring will be moving at breakneck speed, so it’s best not to try to catch it. The player’s horse can be used instead of Torrent, but it might take longer to kill. Finally, be patient; the Teardrop Scrab travels in a predictable pattern, so waiting gives the player more chances to hit it.

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How to Locate the Invisible Teardrop Scarab in Elden Ring

How to Find Seppuku in Elden Ring

Players will receive the Seppuku Ash of War after killing the invisible Teardrop Scarab in Elden Ring. Players can use the Seppuku Ash of War on various Melee Armament Classes, with the best Melee Armaments to use being those that strike multiple times, such as Twin Blades.

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The Melee Armament Classes that can be used with the Seppuku Ash of War are listed below.

  • Straight Swords
  • Greatswords
  • Curved Swords
  • Curved Greatswords
  • Katanas
  • Twin blades
  • Thrusting Swords
  • Spears
  • Great Spears
  • Halberds

In Elden Ring, the Seppuku Ash of War will trigger a character animation and automatically add Blood to the user’s Melee Armor.

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In addition to bolstering assault strength, this blood loss enhancement measure also speeds up the body’s breakdown after an attack. After the animation ends, you have sixty seconds to do seppuku. Additionally, it is scalable with the occult and arcane.

Adding it to an already powerful weapon with Arcane scaling will exponentially boost damage and blood loss. While effective, Seppuku suffers from a lengthy animation and a significant cost in Health. With a long animation time (10% of Health) and a high cost (using Seppuku), being utilized largely for pre-battle preparation.

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