What Does Focus Do In Elden Ring: Complete Guide

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What does focus do for Elden Ring? We’ll find out! Focus is an offensive stat that boosts damage dealt against sleep and madness. This guide covers how to get the best stats possible out of it.

Focus is a stat that can be used on any weapon in your inventory, but it’s most effective when you’re using weapons with high base damage. The higher the base damage, the more benefit you will see from focus.


Achieving mastery over Elden Ring‘s combat is likely the biggest challenge in playing the game. Knowing when to attack and when to defend will determine if you survive an encounter with an enemy. However, the battles aren’t won solely based on your knowledge and skills.

Some of the fights involve your teammates or allies as well. Learning to play them effectively can also make all the difference between life and death. So, before entering any battle, check out who exactly your opponents are and what they’re capable of doing.

Elder Rings have various attributes and statistics that affect your character. Their Focus statistic determines how much effect they’ll have on your party while adventuring. Increase Focus through experience or skill checks.

What Does Focus Do In Elden Ring?

Focus is an offensive statistic in Elden Ring, protecting your character against sleep and madness attacks. You won’t encounter many enemies or bosses in this game, so you’ll rarely need to worry about having too low a focus. However, if you happen to be one who tries to put you to sleep or drive you insane, ensure you’ve got enough focus to resist them!


You’ll only encounter a couple of foes in Elden Ring who deal such an amount of damage. However, it’s important to know how you may resist them. Focus can certainly be an effective tool when fighting against these opponents.

How To Upgrade Focus In Elden Ring?


Elden Ring has eight attributes that you can spend points on to improve your character. You gain focus by increasing your willpower. Higher willpower means you’re less likely to fall asleep or go mad.

You may have heard about the benefits of improving concentration and how using certain items can help improve your focus. These include items such as the clarifying horn charm and mottled necklace. However, these types of items also come with potential side effects.

A high Focus value allows you to deal heavy damage to enemies. However, if you are playing as an Ascended Warrior, you might want to upgrade to one of the new armored items to increase your Focus level instead. These include Greathood, Fire Prelates Gauntlets, and Corwyn’s Robe.

Is Upgrading Your Focus Worth it In Elden Ring?

You shouldn’t spend any Focus Points to increase your Mind attribute. Since Madness and Sleep Attacks are quite rare, an increased Mind Attribute won’t prove beneficial to you.

On one hand, you can equip an armor set that boosts your focus during fights against bosses who deal damage through physical attacks. That is the fastest way to boost your focus. However, you might also want to spend your points on something else.

We’ve established that only a few foes possess sleep and madness attacks. Madness also acts differently, though. Certain invocations in the Elden Ring allow players to lose control of themselves. A high level of focus can make them easier to deal with.

Like every other stat, the focus has its positives when used correctly. Fortunately, the game allows you to pick the style of play and management that suits you best. When upgrading your focus, consider what your goals are. Are you trying to make money? Improve your skills? Gain experience? Knowledge of utilizing each stat is key to success in League of Legends.


A great weapon isn’t just about how much damage it does but also what it can do for you. For example, if you’re trying to stay awake during battle, investing in Stamina might help. Or perhaps Strength would improve your chances of survival after being hit by an attack. It’s important not only to choose the right skills but also to learn them well enough to benefit you.


We hope this article has helped you learn everything you need about focus in Elden Ring. It’s a good statistic, but it’s not very versatile. You should decide how you deal with it yourself. Nevertheless, Elden ring can be harsh sometimes, and you need to be ready for anything.

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