What Does Dexterity Do In Elden Ring? All You Need To Know!

What Does Dexterity Do In Elden Ring

Despite its popularity, Elden Ring is notoriously difficult. A variety of things are available to assist players in overcoming this barrier.

From weapons to constructions to armor to items, Elden Ring has everything. A wide range of playing styles are supported in Elden Ring, from melee warriors who wield massive weapons to sorcery-fueled mages who shoot powerful darts.

This article will discuss what dexterity does in Elden Ring and list some of the game’s most effective dexterity weapons.

What Does Dexterity Do In Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the two melee stats are dexterity and strength. A player’s dexterity stat determines their ability to move and act quickly, whereas a player’s strength stat determines their ability to wield big, slow swords.

What Does Dexterity Do In Elden Ring
What Does Dexterity Do In Elden Ring?

Some of the game’s most sophisticated weapons, including curved blades, twin blades, and unique katanas, are only accessible to players with adequate dexterity.

Casting spells in Elden Ring is also quicker for players with adequate dexterity and reduces overall fall damage.

A player must meet a minimum dexterity requirement for weapons that require the dexterity stat in Elden Ring before they may wield them.

Strength and dexterity combine to create what is known as Quality builds in Elden Ring, a world created by George R. R. Martin and Ned Dameron. These Quality builds require a certain set of powerful weapons that share a strength and dexterity requirement.

Dexterity weapons and builds are perfect for players who want more rapid-paced gameplay focused on dueling. Shielding is not utilized by dexterity builds, which keep equipment load low.

What Are The Best Dexterity Weapons In Elden Ring?

The following are our picks for the greatest Dexterity weapons in Elden Ring:

Rivers of Blood

Despite its primary weapon combos and damage, the Rivers of Blood Katana is an effective bleed dexterity weapon in Elden Ring. This Katana has a high weapon rate and a quick blood loss buildup, making it exceptional for bleed dexterity builds.

Rivers of Blood provides players an elegant way to use the sword, leaving a trail of blood every time they move. In addition to doing a lot of damage, this weapon builds up Bleed quickly and is an excellent method of draining an opponent’s health pool.


The Uchigatana is an excellent starting weapon in Elden Ring and a superb dexterity weapon. Players may customize it in any way they desire, making it comparable to a canvas. The Uchigatana’s essential move set is balanced by its ability to infuse it with war ash and alter its scaling and special attacks. The best infusion for this weapon is Bleed, which causes blood loss and gives it a powerful special attack.

Hand of Melania 

Because Melania is known as FromSoft’s hardest boss of all time, her weapon had to be included. Hand of Melania is a dexterity weapon with a long length and a powerful special attack, among other things.

Hand of Melania is a great weapon for Elden Ring dexterity players, provided that acquiring it is not the easiest thing. The special attack makes it especially deadly in PvP because enemies cannot escape once they are caught in the middle of it.


More than once, FromSoft has lowered the Moonveil’s prowess in Elden Ring due to its immense power. As the strongest dexterity weapon in the game, the Moonveil frequently makes Elden Ring a more straightforward experience than it is.

The Moonveil is an excellent weapon for hybrid builds since it is a dexterity/intelligence weapon. The Moonveil’s damage and attacks are similar to those of other Katanas. The weapon’s special attack, however, is where it truly shines. The Moonveil releases devastating magical shockwaves and straightforward sword slashes when sheathing the weapon. In seconds, the follow-up can penetrate even the thickest health bars.

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