Most Used Video Game Streaming Sites By Brand In Canada In 2022

Most Used Video Game Streaming Sites By Brand In Canada In 2022

Video game streaming has become a significant part of online culture in the age of digital entertainment, particularly in Canada. Understanding which streaming platforms currently dominate the market is crucial for anyone with a stake in the gaming industry or who is keen to explore brand partnerships. In-depth analysis of the top video game streaming services in Canada as of 2022 will be covered in this blog post, with a focus on their market share and applicability to brands.

The Importance of Video Game Streaming in Canada

Canada is not an exception to the recent rapid growth of the gaming industry. The amount of time Canadians spend playing video games and streaming content has significantly increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, playing video games online is more than just a hobby; it has become a cultural phenomenon, one that has been boosted by the influence of influential people who have a big say in how people behave.


The statistics in this blog post were compiled using data from surveys and website analytics, among other trustworthy sources. The percentage of gamers using each platform for streaming content determines which platforms are considered to be the “most used” ones.

Most Used Video Game Streaming Platforms in Canada

Most Used Video Game Streaming Sites By Brand In Canada In 2022


Twitch: 51%

  • Overview: Twitch takes the crown, with 51% of gamers in Canada using the platform for streaming.
  • Popular Canadian Twitch Streamers: Names like xQc, Shroud, and Pokimane are just a few of the popular Canadian Twitch personalities.

YouTube Gaming: 49%

  • Overview: Close behind Twitch, YouTube Gaming holds 49% of the market share in Canada.
  • Popular Canadian YouTube Gaming creators: Typical Gamer and I AM WILDCAT have a significant following in the gaming community.

Facebook Gaming: 29%

  • Overview: Facebook Gaming is slowly catching up, with 29% of Canadian gamers tuning in.
  • Popular Canadian Facebook Gaming Streamers: Although still emerging, streamers like RockyNoHands have a growing Canadian audience.

Dailymotion Games: 20%

  • Overview: Surprisingly, Dailymotion Games holds a 20% share, indicating a dedicated user base.

Smashcast: 15%

  • Overview: Formerly known as Azubu and Hitbox, Smashcast accounts for 15% of gamers streaming in Canada. 12%

  • Overview: Known for its focus on eSports, holds a 12% share.

Bigo Live: 11%

  • Overview: Mainly popular in Asia, Bigo Live is making inroads in Canada with an 11% market share.

Other: 6%

  • Overview: This category includes other smaller platforms that collectively make up 6% of the streaming audience.

Brand Presence on These Platforms

Brands interested in tapping into the Canadian gaming community should consider the following:

  • Types of Brands: Tech companies, food and beverage brands, and lifestyle products are common advertisers on these platforms.
  • Case Studies: Successful brand collaborations include partnerships like Twitch x Doritos and YouTube Gaming x Coca-Cola.

Future Outlook

Given the current trends, Twitch and YouTube Gaming will likely continue to dominate, but there’s ample opportunity for growth on platforms like Facebook Gaming and Dailymotion Games. For brands, the key takeaway is to consider diversifying their marketing strategies across multiple platforms to reach a broader audience.


Understanding the distribution of users across various video game streaming platforms is crucial for brands aiming to make an impact in the Canadian gaming scene. With Twitch and YouTube Gaming leading the way, diversifying your brand’s presence can offer a competitive edge.

Additional Resources

For further insights, take a look at the following:

  1. Canadian Gaming Association Reports
  2. Statista on Gaming in Canada

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