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Discover the Secrets Behind the Beloved Vampire Survivors Characters

The number of playable Vampire Survivors characters has increased to over 20, thanks to ongoing updates. Each of these characters has unique abilities and starting weapons that can diversify your gaming experience and affect your chances of finishing each stage.

The starting weapons and unique skills of each character in Vampire Survivors as of patch 0.7.2 are described in detail, along with how to unlock each character, in this guide.

Patch 0.7.2: New Characters

One Normal Character, Zi ‘Assunta Belpaese, and two Secret Characters, Smith IV and Minnah Mannarah were added to Vampire Survivors in patch 0.7.2.

Zi ‘Assunta Belpaese

The coffin of a Zi ‘Assunta can be found in Cappella Magna, the newest stage in Vampire Survivors. Vento Sacro, the primary weapon of Zi ‘Assunta, functions similarly to its sibling, the Whip, but attacks in the direction the user is facing rather than with a fixed upward trajectory. Vento Sacro can be upgraded by combining it with the Whip evolution Bloody Tear to become the obnoxious Evolved Weapon Fuwalafuwaloo.

Smith IV

To get your hands on Smith IV, the third ghost added to Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to free their ghoulish pals Exdash and Toastie first. Smith IV’s primary weapon is the Vandalier. After you’ve gained access to Exdash and Toastie, you can proceed to the next step by going back to the main menu.

  1. Start by clicking the Start button, then typing “spam” to bring up the Character Selection screen.
  2. Enter “spam” into the Character Selection screen, and then select any character and confirm your choice.
  3. Run any Stage by entering “spam” into the Stage Selection screen.
  4. Once the countdown has begun, choose any Arcana and enter “humbug” to stop the clock.

If you did everything right, when you return to the Character Selection screen, Smith IV will be an option to hire.

Minnah Mannarah

The Bloody evolution Tear is Minnah Mannarah’s starting weapon, and it can only be unlocked once you’ve finished the Lunar Eclipse event and gathered the Yellow Sign Relic. Complete the following steps to unlock Minnah:

  1. You can activate Arcanas and begin a run on the Dairy Plant stage.
  2. If you find yourself on Dairy Plant, choose the Arcana card “Eighth – Mad Groove” to get things going.
  3. Grab the cheese wheel that appears a short distance to the southwest of your current position.
  4. Seven rat-like enemies will appear when you bring home the cheese wheel; you must defeat them.

When you’ve defeated all seven boss enemies, a chime will let you know you’re done, and the next time you go to the Character Selection screen, you’ll be able to buy Minnah.

Vampire Survivors Characters List 2023

Normal Characters

Normal Characters can be bought after completing the achievement that goes with them. But you’ll still have to pay to get them fully unlocked and ready to play. You can always get your coins back if you buy PowerUps, but you can’t get them back if you buy a character. Before you spend your hard-earned coins on a character, use the chart below to figure out which character fits your play style and goals the best.

The latest addition to the cast of Normal Characters in Vampire Survivors, Zi ‘Assunta Belpaese, is highlighted in yellow below for convenience.

Passive AbilityUnlock
AntonioWhipGains 10% more damage every ten levels (Max +50%)Immediately accessible
ImeldaMagic WandGains 10% more experience every five levels (Max +30%)Immediately accessible
PasqualinaRunetracerProjectiles get 10% faster every five levels (Max +30%)Immediately accessible
GennaroKnifePermanent +1 projectiles (all weapons)Immediately accessible
ArcaFire WandWeapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every ten levels (Max -15%)Reach Level 4 with Fire Wand.
PortaLightning RingPermanent +30% area. Starts with a temporary cooldown bonus.Reach Level 4 with Lightning Ring.
LamaAxeGains +5% Might, MoveSpeed, and Curse every 10 Levels (Max +20%)Survive for at least 20 minutes with a 10% Curse active.
PoeGarlicPermanent +25% pickup radius and -30 max health.Get Garlic to Level 7
ClericiSanta WaterPermanent +0.5 HP/s and + 30 Max Health. Starts with a temporary area bonus.Recover a total of 1000 HP
DommarioKing BiblePermanent +40% duration and speed, -40% move speed.Earn 5000 coins in a single run
KrochiCross+1 Revival and +30% MoveSpeed. Gains another Revive at Level 3Defeat a total of 100000 enemies
ChristinePentagramIt starts with one extra level and +30% MoveSpeedGet Pentagram to Level 7
PugnalaPhiera Der TuphelloGains +1levelt every levelIn the Mad Forest, locate and open the coffin.
GiovannaGatti AmariIncreases +1% Projectileleveld every levelIn the Inlain Library, locate and open the coffin.
PoppeaSong of ManaGains +1% Duleveln every levelIn Dairy Plant, locate and open the coffin.
ConcettaShadow PinionGains +1levela every levelIn Gallo Tower, locate and open the coffin.
MortaccioBoneGets more projectiles every 20 levels (Max +3)Get rid of all 3000 skeletons.
CavalloCherry BombGets more projectiles every 20 levels (Max +3)Get rid of 3000 Lion Heads.
RambaCarrélloGets more pellets every 20 levels (Max +3)Defeat a total of 3000 Milk Elementals
O’ SoleCelestial DustingGets more shells every 20 levels (Max +3)Defeat a total of 3000 Dragon Shrimps
GalloClock LancetStarts with one level. Gains 10% Growth every five levels (Max +50%).Evolve Clock Lancet into Infinite Corridor
DivanoLaurelBegins with one additional level. Gains +1 Armor every five levels (Max +5).Evolve Laurel into Crimson Shroud
Zi ‘AssuntaVento SacroGains +0.5% Might, projectile Speed, Duration, and Area at every level.Find and open the coffin in the Cappella Magna.

Secret Characters

Unlock triggers for “Secret Characters” are not displayed in the Unlocks tab, unlike most regular casts. Patch 0.7.2 introduced two new Secret Characters to Vampire Survivors, Smith IV, and Minnah Mannarah, and we have an up-to-date list of all of them for you below. The two new additions to the alphabet will be highlighted in bright yellow for quick reference.

CharacterStarting WeaponHow to Unlock
Exdash ExiviiqEbony WingsEnter the characters “x-x1viiq” into the main menu. A sound is played in response to the user’s unlocking the device.
ToastiePeachoneWhen Toastie appears in the bottom right corner of the screen after unlocking Exdash, press “down arrow + Enter.”
SmithVandalierBefore selecting a character, enter “spam” from the main menu, click Start, and then type it again on the Character Selection screen. After that, start a run by typing “spam” into the Stage Selection screen. As soon as the run starts, type “humbug” to confirm any Arcana.
MarrabbioThousand EdgeGet rid of the mysterious threat lurking in the Mad Forest.
MinnahBloody TearGet the cheese wheel using the Arcana VIII: Mad Groove on the Dairy Plant stage. Get rid of all seven boss enemies that appear.
Red DeathDeath SpiralKill Death.
LedaHoly WandDefeat him in Gallo Tower.

Wrap Up

The world of Vampire Survivors offers a wealth of exciting and diverse characters to play as, each with unique abilities and secrets waiting to be unlocked. We hope our Vampire Survivors characters guide has provided valuable information on how to access each of them. Don’t forget to try out each character and see which one fits your playstyle the best. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and why. Until next time, happy gaming!

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