How to Unlock and Evolve Mirage Robe Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors: Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking and Evolving the Powerful Mirage Robe

The Vampire Survivors Mirage Robe can only be obtained through the Legacy of Moonspell DLC.

The Legacy of the Moonspell downloadable content expansion pack for Vampire Survivors, an independent smash hit released this year, is now available to purchase and play. As would be expected from an expansion, this release adds eight new characters and 13 new weapons to the game, giving you access to new and different playstyles that will undoubtedly add hours to your overall playthrough. Learn how to acquire the Mirage Robe and evolve it into the powerful J’Odore in this guide for the new DLC for Vampire Survivors, Legacy of the Moonspell.

How to evolve Mirage Robe into J’Odore in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell

When combined with a maximum Magnet passive item, the Mirage Robe can transform into J’Odore. A level 8 Mirage Robe and a level 2 Magnet are required to initiate the evolution. Once you have both items at their maximum level, you can merge them by acquiring the J’Odore evolution from a chest.

How to get Vampire Survivors Mirage Robe

After making it through a 15-minute run with Babi-Onna, you’ll gain access to the Mirage Robe. You’ll be able to use the weapon immediately once you unlock the new character, but you must complete half of a run before you can keep it. If you don’t already have Mirage Robe, you’ll need to follow the steps below to gain access to Babi-Onna.

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How to unlock Babi-Onna in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of Moonspell DLC


You’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort to unlock Babi-Onna, a late-game character in the new DLC. Before she becomes playable, you must unlock several characters and evolve several weapons. Below are details on gaining access to Babi-Onna and her Mirage Robe weapon.

  1. To make Miang playable, you should first locate and open the coffin on Mt. Moonspell.
  2. Second, you and Miang Moonspell must complete a 15-minute run to gain access to her Silver Wind weapon.
  3. Third, fuse the weapon with a level 100 Pummarola passive item to transform Silver Wind into Festive Winds. If you do this, you’ll be able to choose Menya Moonspell as a playable character.
  4. To use Menya’s Four Seasons weapon, the fourth step is to finish a 15-minute run with him.
  5. Fifth, by combining a maxed Spinach and Candelabrador, you can evolve Four Seasons into Godai Shuffle. Then you can use Syuuto Moonspell in your games.
  6. The Summon Night Weapon can be obtained after Step 6: Finish a run with Syuuto lasting at least 15 minutes while dodging his attacks.
  7. Seventh, merge Summon Night with a max-level Duplicator passive item to create Echo Night. Once you do this, you’ll be able to use Babi-Onna and her initial weapon, the Mirage Robe.

It is possible to unlock McCoy-Oni and the new Vampire Survivors weapon 108 Bocce by evolving Mirage Robe into J’Odore. The X Beginning Arcana can buff both the Mirage Robe and J’Odore. Your character can project more mirages of herself if you choose the card at the beginning of the run.

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