how to unlock all characters in vampire survivors

Unleash the Power of the Night: How to Unlock All Characters in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking every character in Vampire Survivors will allow you to play the game differently. Read on to learn how to unlock all characters in Vampire Survivors.

How To Unlock All Characters In Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, you can unlock a lot of in-game content by finishing stages, hitting milestones, and defeating a boss whose attack pattern you’ve memorized after they’ve killed you thirty times.

It would be best if you played Vampire Survivors several times to unleash all the characters. During this time, you must kill many enemies, level up your items and weapons, and perhaps even defeat Red Death. Many characters can be unlocked using standard techniques, but a few secret characters call for additional, unusual actions.

Unlocking The Main Roster Of Characters

All of the playable main characters can be obtained through regular gameplay. You can view their current status in the Unlocks menu, giving you a reason to play beyond simply seeing how long you can stay alive.

Antonio BelpaeseThere is no additional action required beyond starting the game and launching Antonio, who is unlocked by default and is free to play.
Imelda BelpaeseShe is the second playable character, and can be yours for just ten gold.
Pasqualina BelpaeseIn addition to being unlocked by default and available for purchase for 100 gold coins, Pasqualina also comes equipped with Runetracer as her primary weapon.
Gennaro BelpaeseGennaro, who costs 500 gold coins to purchase, is one of the game's final characters to be unlocked by default.
Arca LadonnaArca can be unlocked by upgrading the Fire Wand to level four and then purchasing him for 500 gold coins.
Porta LadonnaUnlocking her requires leveling up the Lightning Ring to level four, after which you can purchase Porta for 500 gold coins.
Lama LadonnaEven though it's more difficult, you can unlock her by holding out for 20 minutes while your Curse is at 10%. To do this, either use the PowerUp or acquire a suitable item, such as the Skull O'Maniac. For five hundred gold pieces, you can have her.
Poe RatchoIf you raise the level of Garlic to 7, you'll gain access to Poe. When you've done that, you can pay 500 gold coins to acquire his services.
Suor ClericiUnlocking Clerici requires recouping a total of 1,000 health, which is equivalent to 100 runs. After that, you can purchase her for 500 gold.
DommarioIf you collect over 5,000 gold coins in a single run, Dommario will be unlocked and can be purchased for 500 gold coins.
Krochi FreettoYou can purchase Krochi for 500 gold coins once you have defeated a total of 100,000 enemies.
Christine DavainPentagram, once upgraded to Level 7, will grant access to Christine. 500 Gold Coins will be required to purchase her after that time.
Pugnala ProvolaA question mark on your map means Pugnala can be unlocked after opening the coffin in the Mad Forest. After that, she can be purchased for 1,000 gold coins.
Giovanna GranaBy locating the coffin in the Inlaid Library, Giovanna can be unlocked and purchased for 1,000 gold coins.
Poppea PecorinaAfter you discover the coffin in the Dairy Plant, Poppea can be unlocked and bought for 1,000 gold coins.
Concetta CaciottaDiscovering where Concetta is buried in Gallo Tower and using a specific mirror to enter the room will free her. After that, you can buy her for one thousand gold coins.
MortaccioThere are two methods to free Mortaccio. You can either enter the code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, escape, enter) while in the main menu to receive 2,800 gold coins without killing any Skeletons, or you can kill 3,000 Skeletons for free in exchange for 500 gold coins.
Yatta CavalloKilling 3,000 Lion Heads will unlock Yatta. Then, they can be purchased for 500 gold coins.
Bianca RambaKilling 3,000 Milk Elementals, which you can typically find in the Dairy Plant, will unlock Bianca. When you've finished, you can purchase her for 500 gold coins.
O'Sole MeeoKilling 3,000 Dragon Shrimps—including Flame, Serpentine, and Flame Serpentine Dragon Shrimps—will grant you access to this character. They are available for 500 gold pieces.
Sir AmbrojoeYou must kill 6,000 Stage Killers and Elite Stage Killers (counting both saves and runs) in order to unlock Sir Ambrojoe. After that, you can purchase them for 500 gold coins.
Iguana Gallo VallettoYou can unlock them by obtaining Infinite Corridor, also known as "Gallo." When you've finished, you can purchase them for 2,000 gold coins.
Divano ThelmaDivano can be unlocked after receiving Crimson Shroud. After that, you can buy them for 2,000 gold coins.
Zi'Assunta BelpaeseFinding the coffin in Cappella Magna will unlock Zi'Assunta, who can then be purchased for 5,000 gold pieces.
Queen SigmaIn order to gain access to Queen Sigma, you must first complete all Collection requirements. Once she is unlocked, she won't cost any gold to maintain.
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Below is a table containing only the playable characters obtained after purchasing and installing the Legacy of the Moonspell downloadable content pack.

Miang MoonspellFinding Miang's coffin in Mt. Moonspell costs 1,000 coins, after which you can unlock her.
Menya MoonspellYou need to evolve Silver Wind with Pummarola to get the Festive Winds weapon in order to unlock Menya. Both must be maximized. Cost of Menya is 5,000 coins.
Megalo Menya MoonspellYou must defeat 100,000 enemies with Menya in a single run in order to unlock Megalo Menya. By doing this, Megalo Moonspell becomes available for 50,000 coins.
Syuuto MoonspellYou need the Godai Shuffle weapon, which you can get by evolving Four Seasons with Spinach and Candelabrador, in order to unlock Syuuto. Maximize all three of them. Cost of Syuuto is 5,000 coins.
Megalo Syuuto MoonspellYou must defeat 100,000 enemies with Syuuto in a single run in order to unlock Megalo Syuuto. By doing this, Megalo Syuuto becomes available for 50,000 coins.
Babi-OnnaYou need a level two Duplicator to evolve the Echo Night, which is a version of Summon Night, in order to unlock Babi-Onna. Babi-Onna has a default price of 5,000 coins.
McCoy-OniYou must acquire the J'Odore weapon, which is evolved from the Mirage Robe using a level 5 Attractorb, in order to unlock McCoy-Oni. McCoy-Oni costs 5,000 coins, and the price increases as more characters are bought.
Gav'Et-OniTo unlock Gav'Et-Oni for 500 coins, defeat 6,000 kappa. Kappas can be found in the top-left corner of the Mt. Moonspell map; once you get to the frozen lake, they'll keep spawning there.
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Unlocking Every Secret Character

The main characters in Vampire Survivors are easy to unlock; you need to kill a few enemies here and there and find a few coffins to have most of them available. On the other hand, the secret cast of characters is much harder to discover because specific requirements must be satisfied before they can be unlocked.

Exdash ExiviiqYou can either cast a spell and type "x-x1viiq" to unlock Exdash, or you can gather Little Clovers for a chance to do so. The probability is calculated as TotalCollected/65,535, where Total Collected is the number of cards you have already collected.
ToastieBy using the "tramezzini" spell from the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, you can unlock Toastie. Only after Exdash has been unlocked is this possible.
Smith IVIn the main menu, type "spam" to start a 30-second timer and unlock Smith IV. Now enter "spam" once more on the character selection screen, and do the same on the stage selection screen. Enter "humbug" after you've started running. When you finish the run, Smith IV will become available.
RandomOn any stage, opening a coffin for the second time reveals Random. They are then yours to purchase for 5,000 gold coins.
Boon MarrabbioFollowing the trail after obtaining Pummarola and Skull O'Maniac in the Mad Forest will allow you to unlock Marrabbio. Additionally, you ought to have acquired 100 Floor Chickens altogether, though it's okay if you only get the final one in this particular run. Marrabbio can then be purchased for 666 gold coins following all of that.
Avatar InfernasYou must defeat the Directer, the game's final boss, in Eudaimonia Machine before you can access this character. Once you've completed that, you'll receive a hint that directs you to the inverted Inlaid Library, where you can find the puzzle that must be solved in order to unlock Avatar Infernas. He is then yours to purchase for 666 gold coins.
Minnah MannarahTo unlock Mannarah, you must steal some cheese. Get the Yellow Sign first, then head to the Dairy Plant. The cheese is northwest of your spawn point and west of the armor item. If you kill the seven werewolves that spawn, Mannarah will be yours to keep for 666 gold coins.
LedaBy going to Gallo Tower and defeating her, you can unlock Leda. After spawning, you should head south until only your character is visible due to the darkness of the surroundings. She spawns in the center of the tower, making her simple to miss. Once you've defeated her, you can buy her for 666 gold coins.
Cosmo PavoneYou must have Zi'Assunta unlocked and the Yellow Sign item in order to unlock Cosmo. The next step is to take a character without Golden Eggs to Cappella Magna. Pick up Peachone and Ebony Wings once you arrive in Cappella Magna, and then proceed north past Crown and Tiragis items until you come across Nduja Fritta Tanto on a balcony. By grabbing it, Cosmo appears and opens the gate keeping you from the balcony. Cosmo costs 666 gold coins to purchase.
PeppinoYou must travel to Il Molise for Peppino and use a tool called Celestial Dusting to heal the plants rather than attack them. A jingle will start playing once you've recovered 100,000 health points, signifying that you've unlocked the character. Then, they can be purchased for 666 gold coins.
Big TrouserGoing to Moongolow and achieving the highest level for each of the 16 stage items will unlock Big Trouser. You must manually leave the stage after maxing out all the items. After that, you can purchase Big Trouser for 5,000 gold coins.
MissingNYellow Sign must be unlocked before MissingN can be unlocked. You must travel to Green Acres and arrive there in Hyper and Hurry mode. You must first move 18 tilesets south, then 18 tilesets west once you are in the stage. You need to eliminate 128 enemies that spawn after the environment changes. They are 66,666 gold coins each.
Gains BorosGains can be obtained by visiting The Bone Zone and traveling past the Silver Ring to the north. There is a ring of flowers nearby that provides 8 health points of healing every half-second. A jingle indicating that Gains Boros has been unlocked will play after you remain in the ring for ten seconds. Then you can buy them for 666 gold coins.
GyoruntonOnce you've made it through Boss Rash with only one weapon, you'll be able to unlock Gyorunton. The relic Mindbender can be used to control your weapon selection. The price will be 5,000 G.C. at that time.
Mask of the Red DeathYou must kill Death in order to unlock the Mask of the Red Death. You can accomplish this by avoiding them until the timer on any stage expires, at which point you must defeat them. You'll be able to purchase them for 666 gold coins once you've completed that.
Scorej-OniThey can be defeated as a boss on Tiny Bridge to unlock Scorej-Oni. You can find them 20 tilesets to the east of your starting location. When you defeat them, Scorej-Oni will be on sale for 5,000 gold coins.
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While most

gamers enjoy their games as-is, unlocked characters or things as they appear, you find enjoyment and satisfaction in playing a game all the way through. You might even describe yourself as a completionist because you can always count on yourself to find every item and complete the objectives precisely as stated.

If it completely sums up who you are, Vampire Survivors is unquestionably a game that demands your undivided attention. If you enjoy roguelikes, you must play this enjoyable game with tons of surprises.

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