Tower of God Great Journey tier list

Ranking the Best of the Best: Tower of God Tier List Separates the Strong from the Weak

Do you want to know the Tower of God Great Journey tier list? You’ve come to the right place. The game allows you to create your own team out of your favorite characters from the original webtoons. In our guide, we have ranked the best characters. Continue reading to find out.

Ngelgames produced the mobile game Tower of God Great Journey, accessible on various devices. In this game, you’ll create a team of distinctive characters and arm them with formidable weapons. See if you can defeat everything by gathering as many heroes as possible!

Tower of God Great Journey Tier List (May 2023)

TierTower of God Great Journey Character
SAlbeda, Danial Hatchid, Evan Edrok, Hansung Yu, Ha Jinsung, Sachi Faker, Twenty-Fifth Bam, Verdi, White Heavenly Mirror Khun, Yihwa Yeon
AHwa Ryun, Green April Anaak, Jyu Viole Grace, Kang Horyang, Reflejo, Yuri Ha
BBeta, Cassano, Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa, Hunter Rak, Hwa Ryun, Khun Ran, Novick, Rak Wraithraiser, Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia, Urek Mazino
CHatz, Khun Aguero Agnis, Rachel
Tower of God Great Journey Tier List

Tier S Characters

Tier S characters in Tower of God Great Journey are the most powerful. Even though Tier S heroes have the most power, they are challenging to obtain.

  • Viole
  • Albelda
  • Green April Anaak
  • Khun Ran
  • Sachi Faker
  • White Heavenly Mirror Khun
  • Yuri Ha
  • Urek Mazino
  • Hunter Rak
  • Daniel Hatchid
  • Reflejo
  • Evan
  • Boro
  • Yura Ha

Yura Ha: Yura Ha is a skilled and powerful Princess of Jahad in the Tower of God who wields a powerful ignition weapon and is known for her rebellious nature.

Green April Anaak: Green April Anaak is a member of the Green April family and a skilled fighter in the Tower of God who seeks revenge for her mother’s death at the hands of Jahad’s army. She is also known for her hot-headed and stubborn personality.

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Evan Evan: One of the strongest Support heroes in Tower of God Great Journey is Evan Evan, also known as Evan Edrok. Evan is one of the most helpful team characters in the game because he dramatically improves the survivability of all allies.

Urek Mazino: It is tough to find a tank in Tower of God Great Journey that is better than Urek Mazino. He has solid skills and good stats, which help him live much longer than other characters.

Albelda Albelda: Evan’s main rival is Albelda Albelda. She is a strong support who can replenish the team’s health points. Albelda occasionally possesses more strength than Evan.

Viole: Viole, The pinnacle of power and beauty, is violent. She is one of the most potent Magic Attackers, capable of taking out foes even in hiding. Viole has vital attack stats as well as impressive survivability.

Tier A Characters

Heroes in Tier A are considered a good comparison for those in Tier S. Even in the late game, these characters still have competitiveness. Sometimes heroes in Tier S are even less effective than Tier A units.

  • Bam
  • Yihwa Yeon
  • Verdi
  • Ha Jinsung
  • Endorsi
  • Hansung Yu
  • Hwaryun
  • Horyang
  • Love
  • Quant Blitz
  • White

Quant Blitz: Quant Blitz is a Ranker and the Fishermen’s leader in the Tower of God. He is known for his strategic mind, exceptional combat skills, and ability to use Shinsoo to increase speed and agility.

Horyang: Another tank in this tier list is Horyang, a potent character in Tier A. He does, however, differ significantly from other tanks in the game. Horyang has a high degree of survivability despite being more attack-oriented. He employs magic in battle, enabling him to endure even against numerous waves of adversaries.

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Yihwa Yeon: Since Yihwa Yeon is one of the game’s rarest characters, most players have trouble obtaining her. She is undoubtedly necessary because of her potent DPS, which can destroy enemies.

Endorsi: Compared to other Physical attackers, Endorsi stands out for a fundamental reason. She has one of the game’s most overpowered abilities: gradually increasing her attack speed and damage per second. Even when she’s alone, Endorsi is more than capable of handling large groups of hostiles.

Hwaryun: Hwaryun is a Physical attacker like Endorsi. She concentrates on melee combat, and because of her excellent survivability, she will survive even against stronger foes. Hwaryun and Endorsi only differ in that she increases damage rather than attack speed.

Tier B Characters

In Tower of God Great Journey, Tier B is the introductory level. Tier B contains powerful characters who can perform well in any battle, although it does not contain overpowered heroes who can completely dominate their foes. Replace those from Tier B with a stronger hero when you acquire a higher-tier hero.

  • Khun A. A.
  • Xiaxia
  • Beta
  • Cassano
  • Miseng
  • Lo Po Bia Ren
  • Laure
  • Novick
  • Shibisu
  • First Thorn Bam

Shibisu: Shibisu is a regular in the Tower of God with a sharp mind and tactical thinking, often coming up with creative solutions to difficult challenges. He is also known for his sense of humor and loyalty to his friends.

Xiaxia: A powerful legendary hero who is regarded as one of the best heroes for beginners in Tower of God Great Journey, Xiaxia is more than just a cute waterbomb commander. Xiaxia’s crit damage is one of her essential characteristics.

Novick: One of the top epic characters in Tower of God Great Journey is Novick. Thanks to his balanced attack and defense stats, you can use Novick in various roles. Additionally, thanks to his balanced stats, Novick can be a suitable replacement for any attack/defense ally.

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Cassano: We placed Cassano in Tier B, even though he is legendary. He is a strong magical attacker, but his skills are not very good. If they do improve, Cassano can quickly move up to higher tiers.

Tier C Characters

The Tower of God Great Journey’s Tier C is the worst tier. Even if you are in the early game stages, it has characters that need to be changed. In upcoming updates, hopefully, these Tier C heroes will receive an improvement and move up to Tier B/A.

  • Endorsi
  • Hatz
  • Rachel
  • Wangnan Ja
  • Varagav
  • Mini Rak

Hatz: In this list of heroes by Tier, Hatz is the Tier C hero who merits special attention. He is a damage dealer of the physical type with high DPS.

Rachel: As a magic damage dealer, Rachel improves the team’s chances of survival. Although weak, she is superior to most heroes of Tier C.

Mini Rak: Mini Rak can deal direct damage to enemies. Even in Tier B, however, you can find a lot of excellent sources for DMGs.

The Best Way to Start Over in the Tower of God

  • Launch the game and select “Login as Guest.”
  • After that, you can claim your pre-registration bonuses by finishing the game’s tutorial.
  • To access your free standard banner, go to Summon.
  • You can adjust the random character generator settings via the Menu.
  • Access the Account settings and select “Delete Account.”

Remember that even after 10 attempts, the reroll may not produce the desired outcome. So, if you want to start the game with a powerful character, be prepared to invest a lot of time.

The Tower of God Great Journey tier list is now complete. Please forward this article to friends if you find it useful. Also, remember that we’ll add new heroes as soon as they appear in the game because this tier list is frequently updated.

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