Destiny 2's Guardian Ranks

The Guardian Ranks In Destiny 2 Might Become More Difficult To Get

Players of Destiny 2 point out a new issue with Guardian Ranks, implying that it might be impossible to take advantage of the system in the future.

With its Guardian Rank progression system, Destiny 2 may be dealing with a brand-new issue, and the community is already airing their grievances online. Player progression has emerged as a noteworthy point of contention, making it a big deal for everyone involved. Bungie’s flagship live-service FPS is not unfamiliar with issues of varying severity.

Despite the player base’s continued obsession with Destiny 2’s bizarre alien frog, some community members have continued to bring up problems with the game. Since the release of Lightfall, Bungie has already had to make several significant changes to the Guardian Rank feature. If some community members are right, additional changes may soon be required.

ProAssassin84, a Reddit user, specifically discussed their difficulties grinding up to Guardian Rank 11 in Destiny 2, complaining that they haven’t been able to collect all the Commendations they require to advance. Commendations must be given out by other players during the post-activity roundup, and if they don’t, as has been the case lately, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Others have backed up ProAssassin84’s post, many of whom assert that the majority of Destiny players have simply stopped engaging with the Commendation system, indicating a significant potential problem for the game’s seasonal Guardian Rank progression.

The Guardian Ranks and others perpetually reset progression systems used in Destiny 2 are a problem common to live-service games. In the case of Guardian Ranks specifically, the community’s ability to stop interacting with the systems means it can all fall apart rather quickly because it requires players to continuously and consistently grind to boost their ranking or gear scores.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Bungie recently updated Destiny 2 with a new Commendation called “Best Dressed,” only for it to quickly replace the others and become the only Commendation that most players award. It has been further highlighted that Bungie’s decision to use Commendations for Guardian Rank progression may have been a mistake by the fact that people appear to have stopped awarding them during the post-activity wrap-up.

However, the advertised Lightfall weapons are still absent from Destiny 2. The only weapon featured in Bungie’s curious marketing materials that is still being given out as a reward, while all the other weapons appear to have been forgotten about, is the featured hand cannon. None of these issues have received a response from Bungie yet.

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