Tekken 8 Appears To Be Experiencing Input Speed Issues

Tekken 8 Appears To Be Experiencing Input Speed Issues

Even though the first of its two Closed Network Tests has only just begun, the upcoming fighting game Tekken 8 appears to be experiencing some problems with how quickly it interprets player button input. Game Director Katsuhiro Harada provided instructions on how players can increase input speed and reduce “jitter” in a message sent to testers via Twitter. Even after hearing the director’s instructions, some players (who are presumably testing the game) continued to make some unfavorable comments.

The first of Tekken 8’s Closed Network Tests, which is exclusive to PlayStation 5, started on July 21 and will last until July 24. This follows the in-person testing from earlier this year. The second planned test, which includes Xbox Series X|S and Steam users, will take place from July 28 to July 31.

Many players don’t find that solution satisfactory, and some have complained that even after changing the settings, player input was still noticeably slow. @e_for_emile remarked, “You have to sacrifice graphics to play with the right inputs.” The most optimized setting shouldn’t be an option in this way, according to another Twitter user, @SideAccountOnly, who wrote: “This should be standardized for best outcome overall.”

Others asked for more customization options so that users could more easily customize the gameplay and visual harmony to their tastes, like bar_barXII, who posed the question, “Any chance the team could add a 4th option, “custom,” to let users fine-tune what input delay they personally want? I believe that addition would significantly enhance everyone’s user experience.

The comment section reveals that there is still a lot of criticism of Tekken 8 even with criticism unrelated to input speed. User @ColorBigger stated, “This is not Tekken 8, it is simply Tekken 7’s new season, nothing more.” “All you did was copy, paste, and add the word ‘new’. That indicates that nothing has changed and that the same old issues that caused people to stop using Tekken 7 still exist.

While Harada is receiving a lot of criticism on his Twitter account, there have also been some supportive comments, including requests to keep the testers’ access to the game open until its official launch. “I’m getting my ass beat each match, but you know what?” added user @radientblog. My favorite. I really like playing Xiaoyu, and the other players are so incredibly talented. It’s been a lot of fun, so thank you, Tekken team, and Harada-san.

Although there is no official release date for Tekken 8, early 2024 is the consensus.

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