Escape from Tarkov beginner tips and tricks

Unlock the Secrets of Tarkov: 10 Top Tips and Tricks for Escape From Tarkov Beginners

Read on to learn our ten best Escape from Tarkov beginner tips and tricks to play the game easier.

If you’re looking for an immersive and exciting gaming experience, Escape from Tarkov is a perfect choice. This hardcore shooter and RPG hybrid is set in Tarkov and requires strategic planning and tactical combat to survive. It’s no surprise that this game has become so popular in recent years. But if you’re new to the game, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips and tricks for Escape from Tarkov beginners. With these secrets in hand, you’ll be ready to take on all the challenges that Tarkov has to offer. So read on to unlock the secrets of Tarkov and get ready to dive into this thrilling world!

10 best Escape from Tarkov beginner tips and tricks

Tip 1: distinction between PMC and SCAV

When playing Escape from Tarkov, you have two options, one more dangerous than the other. It would help if you decided on either USEC or BEAR at the outset, but it only affects your character’s aesthetic. It is worth noting, however, that USEC has a slight edge in the Lighthouse map. Before jumping into a match, you must determine whether you want to play as PMC or SCAV.

PMC: The equipment you’ve stashed away is accessible to the character you use. If you die, you will lose the gear unless you have purchased an insurance policy to cover the loss. Read Tip 3 if you’re still confused about how insurance works. In contrast, PMCs have access to an impregnable locker.

SCAV: When playing in SCAV mode, gamers receive randomly generated equipment that cannot be altered. When joining a raid, they will join in the middle of an allotted period after the PMCs have appeared. Generally, AI-controlled SCAVs will not attack unless the SCAV player does something hostile to them, except if the player has negative karma from taking action against SCAVs while in SCAV mode.

SCAV runs a function on the premise that you are provided with loot for free to increase your collection rate or extraction rate. However, after each mission, SCAVs require a rest period. You can shorten it by upgrading your Hideout as you progress through Tarkov. Include the IC or the Intelligence Center.

Tip 2: How to Offline Raid/Mode

Learning a map or practicing without connecting to the online world is possible with the offline raiding system. Although you won’t be able to take anything with you or gain any experience, you need not worry about losing your equipment. Thanks to the latest patch, you can enjoy playing offline with your pals.

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To enter Offline Mode in Tarkov, select your PMC character and continue through the prompts until the above screen appears. You’ll need to select the option to “Enable OFFLINE mode for this raid” after that. There are additional options for fine-tuning the experience.

There are numerous possibilities, allowing you to select the AI quantity, their level of difficulty, and other preferences. Two amusing alternatives to activate are SCAV War and Tagged and Cursed.

Tip 3: How to Obtain Insurance in Tarkov

If you are concerned about losing your equipment as a Private Military Contractor, insurance is an excellent way to reduce the chances of that happening. Prapor and the Therapist provide insurance that can get back any gear you lose, provided another player did not take it. It won’t happen immediately, but it is an excellent opportunity to try and recover your items.

Getting your gear back after being killed by an AI SCAV is more likely because they don’t loot bodies. Some players also have the terrible habit of dumping their insured gear in secret locations to make room for new items. This is an intelligent way to store your stuff until you can return with more.

Time to RecoverCost
Prapor26 to 36 actual hoursCheap
Therapist12 to 24 solid hoursJust A Little More Expensive

Those playing SCAV don’t have the option to insure their equipment, so it’s essential to be prepared for the extraction unless they are simply looking for a thrill. This is especially important if they find themselves in a raid with a shorter timer. For PMC players who aren’t sure how to guarantee all items, there is a button they can click, as shown in the image.

Tip 4: How to Remove in Escape from Tarkov

Understanding how to extract is one of the most vital pieces of advice for your first raid. This can be problematic if you are unfamiliar with the area and how specific extracts work. Especially considering Tarkov teaches you nothing and throws you in blind.

How to Know Where to Extract

When you enter a raid, tapping “O” twice by default displays your extract points in the top right corner. Each extraction marked with a question mark indicates that it is not guaranteed. Those with question marks may require money, a key, or light illumination. You may find every map guide and its extracts at the Tarkov Guide Hub.

PMCs Have More Extract Points

Second, compared to a SCAV player, a PMC has greater access to extract points. It’s important to remember that there will always be at least some players in a group who share extract points with you.

MIA Insurance if Time Runs Out

Every raid in Escape from Tarkov has a time limit beyond which you will lose all of your loot. As a result, you’ll be marked as Missing in Action and have your gear confiscated (unless you have appropriate insurance). MIA Insurance is the term for this type of coverage. However, any items you managed to scavenge during the raid will be destroyed.

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Tip 5: Day Night Cycle in Tarkov

It is imperative to be aware of the alternating periods of day and night while playing Escape from Tarkov, as it directly affects the equipment you should be using. It would be disastrous if you ventured into a dark raid without night vision. Although twilight may differ in duration, the general hours of day and night are provided below. Most gamers prefer to use daylight hours for their activities.

  • Daytime from 6:00 to 22:00
  • Night from 22:00 to 06:00

Tip 6: How to Cure Injuries in EFT

When you look at your inventory and go to the Health tab, you can see the condition of each body part. If you have any injury or broken bones, it will show up in this section. Newcomers need to understand the process of healing various wounds. If a limb is slightly damaged or has a reddish hue, an AI-2 Medkit will be enough to recover the health bar. However, certain medicines like bandages are necessary for more severe conditions such as Bloodloss.

It has been destroyed if a limb appears black on display, like my left arm in the image. Healing this destruction requires a CMS Kit or Surv12 Field Surgical Kit, which are not very common, making them valuable. As an alternative, Painkillers can offer temporary respite from the harmful effect.

People just starting with Tarkov may find it helpful to store certain medicines in a secure place. Just remember that if you put them in a container, you will be unable to assign a hotkey to it, meaning you won’t be able to quickly use it by pressing a number on your keyboard. That is why many Tarkov players always keep their hotkey bar in view.

  • Aseptic Bandage
  • AI-2 Medkit
  • Immobilizing Splint

One more piece of healing advice: your PMC will heal over time between raids. If not, you’ll need to tend to their wounds before setting out. You shouldn’t enter an assault while weak, exhausted, and dehydrated. Upon leaving a raid, you can visit the Therapist and spend gold restoring your health and healing your wounds.

Tip 7: What Items to Keep?

They are deciding which objects to hoard when plundering is a tricky element of Escape from Tarkov. The best choice to gain this knowledge is by playing the game and assessing the worth of multiple items. Skilled players understand how to make the most of their capacity with the cost of the items they locate.

I advise new players to search for materials to use in their Hideout or sell for cash. Multiple Tarkov updates have disrupted the marketplace, making it more challenging to acquire necessities. Therefore, new players are more reliant on the merchants. I enjoy raiding because it allows me to acquire valuable items for the upcoming round.

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Tip 8: Which Dealers to Sell Items To

Alongside the Flea Market, eight separate vendors display the goods they’re most interested in purchasing. Make sure you sell to a reputable dealer to maximize your profits. At level 5, you’ll learn that the Flea Market is a better place to sell certain goods.

Businesses that offer loyalty programs are capable of moving more merchandise. These rewards-based incentives involve completing challenges, increasing rank, and purchasing/exchanging products with them. Depending on the dealer you are trying to upgrade, it could affect how you conduct transactions.

Sell These Items to ThemNotes
PraporAmmoPurchases the majority of items, but rarely at the highest price.
TherapistMedicine, food, electronics, keys, and barter items.
SkierWeapon mods, backpacks, and clothing.Won’t buy all weapon mods.
MechanicGun frames, weapon mods, ammo.Won’t buy all weapon mods.
RagmanClothingPrimarily for leveling; otherwise, sell to Skier.
FenceOnly items that others won’t buy, like knives.Trades up from the bottom and down from the top. The credibility of SCAVs affects pricing.
PeacekeeperGunsUSD currency only.
Locked until completing a quest.

Tip 9: Look over things to save time later

At the beginning of Escape from Tarkov, a significant portion of objects are obscured and are indicated as “Unknown Items.” These can be distinguished by analyzing them during the game, dealers’ inventories, and the Flea Market. Every time you inspect an item, it grants a slight amount of experience and labels it permanently. This saves time when you are on a mission and uncertain about which items to take.

Even though Fence items are too expensive, you can sometimes come across Unknown Items. This is an excellent way to get a jump start until the Flea Market opens. If you have adequate storage space, keeping your Dog Tags and knives in reserve is beneficial so that you can trade them for other objects.

Tip 10:

How to increase Skills in Tarkov

Getting better at Escape from Tarkov is mainly based on a passive system where the level of your skill increases depending on how you use it – a similar concept to the Elder Scrolls games. To raise your Attention level, you need to search through various containers, and to improve your recoil control with a specific type of weapon; you need to use it frequently.

As was previously mentioned, playing in Offline mode does not grant any experience. Some skills and the benefits they provide are listed below as examples.

Attention: Raised the speed of looting and the chance of getting better loot.

Health: Fractures are less likely to happen. Reduces the amount of energy used and the rate of dehydration. Health regenerated faster outside of raids.

Perception: Increases how far you can hear, how far you can see loot, and how well you can aim. The loot detection radius seems to have something to do with how often the white dot cursor shows up when you are looting something.


In conclusion, the best tips and tricks for a beginner in Escape from Tarkov is to take advantage of the resources available to you, know the different game mechanics, familiarize yourself with the game, use the right equipment for the task, take caution when navigating the map, experiment with different build strategies, be aware of the map’s geography, and most of all have fun! With a bit of practice and knowledge, you can become a master of Escape from Tarkov in no time.

This is the end of our introduction to getting started with Escape from Tarkov. Leave a comment if you want to share some advice with other players. Check out the Tarkov Guide Hub for more helpful information. Or you can read one of the guides that I have suggested.

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