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Stardew Valley’s Legendary Fish (Locations And Step By Step Caught)

The game’s most difficult fish to catch are those in Stardew Valley, and many of them have requirements that players must meet to locate them.

Finding every fish species in Stardew Valley, a well-known farming game set in a virtual world, is one of the many collections that fans can finish. 83 different fish species are featured in the game, each with a unique catch difficulty that is influenced by game mechanics like bait and tackle. The first year of gameplay might not be sufficient to fully master this collection.

Five of these species are referred to as “legendary fish,” which heightens the test. Before beginning their quest to capture them, players must first meet a specific set of conditions, such as having the appropriate fishing equipment and being aware of the best time of year to fish.

On the Stardew Valley map, there are numerous locations where fish can be caught. In addition to lakes, rivers, ponds, and the ocean, species can also be found in less common places like the murky water in the sewers and the pools of water on some mine levels.

Fish species can appear in any weather, at any time of day, throughout the year, or they can only appear during specific seasons and weather patterns.

Eels can be found in the ocean exclusively during spring when it’s raining, and only from 4PM to 2AM. Similarly, legendary fish types have their own unique patterns. Some might not have specific conditions to be caught, while others necessitate precise timing throughout the year.

Players eager to pursue the Legendary fish in Stardew Valley should be aware that these creatures are tougher to catch than the regular fish in the game. Equipping the finest fishing rod and lure can enhance your chances of snagging a rare catch. Additionally, certain Legendary fish necessitate players to reach a specific fishing skill level. Hence, it’s advisable to hone one’s fishing abilities on common species before attempting to nab the elusive “Big Ones”.

Steps to Catch the Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley

  1. Increase Your Fishing Skill:
    • Aim to attain a minimum of level 6 fishing skill. This allows you to unlock the next crucial item.
  2. Purchase the Iridium Fishing Rod:
    • Once you reach level 6 in fishing skill, head to Willy’s shop.
    • Buy the Iridium Fishing Rod for, 7500G.
    • This upgraded rod allows the use of both Bait and Tackle, which can significantly improve your fishing chances.
  3. Stock Up On Bait:
    • You can buy bait from Willy for 5G each.
    • Alternatively, craft your bait using Bug Meat.
  4. Acquire Trap Bobbers:
    • Buy Trap Bobbers at Willy’s for 500G each.
    • If you prefer, craft them using 1 Copper Bar and 10 Sap each.
  5. Prepare Lobster Bisque:
    • Keep a supply of Lobster Bisque ready.
    • Consuming this dish gives you a +3 fishing skill boost.
    • Additionally, it replenishes 50 energy.
    • The effects last for 17 minutes, so plan accordingly.
  6. Refer to the Stardew Fan Wiki:
    • Before you start your fishing expedition, check the Stardew Fan Wiki.
    • This will provide any additional conditions or details you need to know to catch the Legendary fish.

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Stardew Valley Legendary Fish: Angler Fish

In Stardew Valley, the Legendary Angler Fish is located on the old wooden bridge near the Joja Mart. To encounter the Angler Fish, players need a minimum fishing skill of level 3. While they can be caught exclusively during the Fall, there’s no specific time or weather condition to nab them. Their value varies from 900g to 1800g, signifying that catching them is more about the achievement than the monetary gain.

Stardew Valley Legendary Fish: Crimsonfish

In Stardew Valley, the Legendary Crimsonfish can be reeled in from the East Pier by the ocean. Players require at least a level 5 fishing skill to encounter it. Exclusively available during the Summer, the Crimsonfish bites regardless of the weather, but only makes its presence between 6AM and 8PM. Thus, it’s advisable not to attempt catching it during the late hours. If players opt to sell, the Crimsonfish can fetch them a handsome sum ranging from 1500g to 3000g.

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Stardew Valley Legendary Fish: Glacierfish

In Stardew Valley, the Legendary Glacierfish can be lured at the southern tip of Arrowhead Island, located in the Cindersap Forest, but only during the Winter. This frosty catch has a prerequisite of a level 6 fishing skill and prefers bright, sunny days for its appearance. Similar to the Crimsonfish, anglers can encounter the Glacierfish from 6AM to 8PM. When sold, its value can range from 1000g to 2000g, contingent on its grade.

Stardew Valley Legendary Fish: Legend Fish

In Stardew Valley, the Legendary Legend Fish is arguably the most challenging catch. Found in the mountain lake, near the map’s edge, anglers need to achieve a top-tier fishing skill of level 10 to even stand a chance at capturing it. This elusive creature emerges only in the Spring season, favoring rain-soaked days. Much like the Glacierfish and Crimsonfish, its active hours span from 6AM to 8PM. Depending on its caliber, selling the Legend Fish can yield a hefty, 5000g, to 10,000g.

Stardew Valley Legendary Fish: Mutant Carp

The Legendary Mutant Carp in Stardew Valley is often why many adventurers think twice before lingering in the sewers. By casting a line into the shadowy green depths, players can encounter this peculiar fish. The Mutant Carp isn’t fussy about fishing levels, seasons, weather conditions, or specific times. As soon as players gain entry to the Sewers, they’re eligible to challenge this catch. Should they choose to part with this unique find, it can fetch a price ranging from 1000g to 2000g.


Getting every single Legendary fish in Stardew Valley is a significant challenge for players who want to finish building their fish collection. Fans may want to hold on to their hard-earned loot, even though the fish can be sold for a pittance because they can only be caught once per save file. There is no way to obtain another of these unique, Legendary trophies if they are sold.

Stardew Valley presents players with a variety of entertaining challenges that make the game rewarding and engaging. It will take commitment and effort to level up and catch each of these Legendary Fish, but it will be worth it to have a fishy story to share with other players.

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