Stands Online Trello Ultimate Guide 2022

Stands Online Trello Ultimate Guide 2022

Read on to learn all about Stands Online Trello. Game link, skill points, codes, controls, moves, and all other details.

Have you heard of Stands Online Trello? Do you want to trade in it? Or do you just want to create a project and keep track of everything? This article will answer your questions about Stands Online Trello. Let’s get started. What does heavenly do in Stands Online Trello? Can you trade in it? And what about steel ball? We’ve got answers to all of these questions and more!

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Here is the game link:

Stands Online Trello Skill Points

Skill Points are a stat that allows you to specialize your stand and character by picking from four distinct upgrade categories, mixing and combining to construct your preferred build for each stand you use.

You will receive 20 skill points at each level, reaching a maximum of 2000 skill points at level 100.

There are 4 different kinds of skill point categories:

  • Strength
  • Special
  • Endurance
  • Talent

Three of these four skill points can influence a wide range of moves: Strength-based, Special-based, or Talent-based.

Stands Online Trello Codes

elderarrow10% discount off of dashlane
StinkyAliceFarts2320000 ingame cash

How do you redeem a code in stands online?

In Stand Online Trello, redeeming codes for free rewards is even simpler than in most other games. You don’t need to join the game; simply launch it and instantly press “Codes.” When you’re in the new window, input each working code into the text field.

What does Heavenly do in stands online?

In Stands Online Trello, Heavenly is a passive skill only available to suit stands. Heavenly grants the player a 20% increase in strength and a fixed health regen increase.

What is the max level in stands online?

The only need for prestige is to attain level 100, the maximum level. When you prestige, your stand is not wiped; however, because your level is reset to level 1, you will only be able to use your first move; nevertheless, if you have an Over Heaven stand, you will also be able to use your third move.

Can you trade in stands online?

In Stands Online, you can trade Stands with other players. To do this, click “accept trade” and then purchase the Rokakaka Fruit. Note that this trade removes your current Stand and Utility. When you remove a Stand or Utility, the stats are no longer associated with it. In the case of trades, a player can make as many trades as they want in a single day.

Is Hamon good in stands online?

In Stands Online, Hamon has an excellent chance of being useful. He grants 3 extra abilities and has a 33% chance of getting Over Heaven evolution passive. Also, Hamon has a passive called Hamon Mastery, which removes a 20% debuff when Hamon isn’t active and makes Hamon’s duration longer. This is a handy skill, and I recommend Hamon owners take it.

What does Rokakaka Fruit do in stands online?

What does Rokakaka Fruit do in Stands Online Trello? is a question plaguing gamers for some time now. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple: it makes you earn more Robux! That’s why players must ensure they have many of these fruits on their hands. The first step in farming them is to find them in Cairo. Once you find them, you can swap them with other types of Stands.

How does steel ball do in stands online?

Steel Ball is an uncommon item in the game, but it is still an effective option for attacking. Its high-damage stat is also one of its main draws. This rare item is rarer than Caesar’s headband and stone mask. Steel Ball Run allows you to use the Tusk Act, a long-range Stand obtained from the Ribcage of the Saint’s Corpse. This Stand is one of the worst in the game because it cannot attack with a nail shot.

How do I get rid of vampires in stands online?

You can use debuffs to get rid of vampires in Stands Online Trello. Vampires cannot stand in direct sunlight; if they do, they will begin to burn until they find shade or die. To remove the vampire ability, you must either use a Rokakaka Fruit or swap stands with another player.

How do I upgrade my act in stands online?

When you reach the maximum level, you can only improve your ACT stands by using the prestige button in the menu.

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