Players Of Destiny 2 Are Fixated On The Alien Frog From The HELM

Players Of Destiny 2 Are Fixated On The Alien Frog From The HELM

The most well-liked component of the new fishing mini-game in Destiny 2 is a particularly vibrant frog creature, rather than just regular fish.

Season of the Deep in Destiny 2 introduced an actual fishing mini-game that Guardians could play for the first time in the franchise’s history, and some of its creatures have already established a strong following. From simple, unassuming fish to strange, magical mutants, it appears that a particularly colorful frog has now emerged as a favorite among the populace.

Over the years, Destiny 2 has undoubtedly experienced its ups and downs. The release of the Lightfall DLC marked the beginning of one of the franchise’s more challenging phases, during which fans criticized Bungie’s methods for in-game monetization and content scheduling. However, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Season of the Deep was successful in introducing an enjoyable, low-risk activity for players to unwind with.

Despite all the commotion surrounding Destiny 2’s underwhelming Lightfall DLC, fans have been able to recognize the amount of work that went into the brand-new fishing feature in Season of the Deep. The neon-pink frog creature is a particularly noteworthy highlight. Players have been debating a renaming effort on one of Destiny 2’s most popular subreddits, with options like “Glormp,” “Kermy,” and “Lance Ribbit” being the most popular selections, even though its official in-game name appears to be Ignition Toad. Although it is unclear why Glormp has been given so much attention when dozens of other creatures have been included in the game, it appears that the frog may end up serving as the fishing feature’s unofficial mascot already.

For a thorough explanation of how to include the Ignition Toad in their HELM aquarium display, players who want to see it in all its glory should consult a Destiny 2 fishing guide. Guardians can add new creatures to their collections by interacting with the relevant console on HELM after catching them, which is almost certainly why some fans are so taken with the feature.

Considering that Destiny 2’s fishing mini-game’s future is currently unknown, players who want to begin assembling the game’s version of pocket monsters before Season of the Deep ends may want to do so. There’s a good chance that fishing has been added to Destiny as a permanent feature, but since Bungie hasn’t commented on the subject yet, it’s unclear whether it’ll remain after The Final Shape is released.

Even though the fishing mini-game is enjoyable on its own, there are some drawbacks. Notably, the Fishing Rally quest from Destiny 2 has demonstrated to be especially egregious in some ways, combining frustrating engagement and gameplay with an unimpressive reward system. Even though this might have made Season of the Deep less enjoyable for some players, the fact that Glormp and his friends are so well-liked shows that Bungie has actually done some things correctly.

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