How To Complete Nepheli Loux quest

Elden Ring: Complete Nepheli Loux’s quest, Stormhawk King and how to complete the warrior’s mission

Read on learn how complete Nepheli Loux quest, where to find Stormhawk King and how to complete the warrior’s mission.

The warrior has a mission which, if completed, will give us an Ancient Dragonforge Stone. These are the necessary steps and encounters.

The character Nepheli Loux in Elden Ring is an NPC that you first meet in Castle Stormveil.

She is the adopted daughter of Sir Gideon Ofnir and the rumored biological daughter of one of the final bosses in the game.

Her quest runs through a long part of the game and at the end the lady even gives you a rare Ancient Dragonforge Stone.

Follow our guide with all the steps needed to complete their mission.

You can also check:

First meeting with Nepheli Loux

First meeting with Nepheli Loux

You first see Nepheli Loux in a cell near the arena of Godrick the Transplant in Castle Stormveil (just before the golden seed sapling ).

Talk to her until she has nothing new to say. She offers her help in the upcoming fight against Godrick.

Speaking to Nepheli in the small chamber
Speak to Nepheli in the small chamber to summon her to fight Godrick.

Optional: Before the boss fog in the direction of Godrick, you can find Nepheli’s callsign and summon her as a support.

Second meeting of the Round Table

The next meeting is at the Round Table , where Nepheli ends up after defeating Godrick.

second meeting with nepheli loux
Talk to your new friend here.

Important : You must have spoken to Gideon Ofnir beforehand and rested at the “Godrick the Transplanted” mercy site, otherwise she will not appear here. Do that and reload the area and she will appear in the keep. Exhausts their dialogue.

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You will learn a few details and the warrior lady will give you the Arsenal Talisman as a gift , which increases the maximum equipment weight.

Seluvis’ potion

Meanwhile, Seluvis’ quest overlaps with Nepheli Loux’s. You meet the devious Seluvis in the Three Sisters area as part of the Ranni quest, and he gives you a potion to give to Nepheli (better not).

However, this only works after she has returned from the Albinaurics village (see next step). Before that, she refuses the potion.

The third meeting in the village of the Albinaurics

Third meeting in the village of the Albinaurics
Speak to Nepheli Loux here.

You will meet Nepheli Loux next on the slope leading up to the Albinaurics village in Liurnia .

Talk to her there, exhaust the dialogue until she has nothing new to say, and kill the Malslayer in the village – who is at the other end of the bridge.

Then meet Nepheli Loux in the Round Table Keep. She’s crouching on the lower level not far from the Mist Gate, which requires you to use a Stonesword Key.

What to do with the potion?

You now have several options on how to proceed:

  • Talk to Nepheli’s adoptive father Sir Gideon about the potion obtained from Seluvis (if you have it) and he offers to let him have the brew.
  • Alternatively, you can follow Seluvis’ request and give the potion to Nepheli. She then leaves the keep and is found in Seluvis’ secret room, transformed into a doll.
  • You can also use the potion in the Dung Eater quest to get his doll to summon, among other things.

Let’s assume you keep the potion or give it to Gideon to “dispose of”. You can then bring the Stormhawk King to Nepheli . You can find him by traveling back to the Chapel of Anticipation via the Four Bell Towers in Liurnia and running to the door where the game started.

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Where to find Stormhawk King
Here you will find the Stormhawk King.

Follow the descriptions on the linked Four Bell Towers detail page for a more detailed guide on how to use the Magic Sword Keys.

Before doing this, Roderika’s quest must have progressed to the point where she upgrades Spirit Ash. Only then can you present the Stormhawk King to Nepheli Loux.

Complete Nepheli Loux’s quest

In order to complete the quest chain, you must first have followed Kenneth Haight’s quest to the point where he stands in Haight Keep and says he is looking for a suitable ruler of Limgrave .

You will then meet Nepheli, Kenneth, and Gostoc in Godrick’s throne room (behind his arena). If they don’t show up, start “Godrick the Transplanted” at the Place of Mercy and rest again at the “Remote Cell” without using the teleport.

Complete Nepheli Loux's quest

Otherwise you can also travel to Haight Fortress again, where Kenneth should be staying. Maybe that’s the trigger for him and Nepheli to go to the throne room.

A few things need to be done first:

  • Morgott, King of the Mark , in the capital Leyndell must have been defeated.
  • Talk to Gideon about Nepheli again when you have the dialogue options and say you want to help the lady.

You will receive an Ancient Dragonforge Stone from Nepheli Loux as a reward, and you can purchase another one from Gostoc for 20,000 runes.

Nepheli can also be summoned in the Ashen capital of Leyndell for the boss fight against Godfrey, First Eldenlord .

This completes the quest.

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