Mala Sauce Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Mala Sauce Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom: Skills, Toppings & How to Get And Play

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Mala Sauce Cookie (Korean:, mahra-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie introduced with the Interdimensional Super Mayhem update (version 2.2002). Her position is priority to the Frontpos.webp Front and she is of the Chargeclass.webp Charge type.

As the head of the Mala Tribe, she plays an important supporting role in the Super Mayhem event plot.

Mala Sauce Cookie Appearance

Mala Sauce Cookie is a short cookie with a medium-dark, red-undertoned batter. Her hair is scarlet and severely cut, twisted into low pigtails that resemble sausages.

She has a scar on her lip and searing red eyes. She’s dressed in a horned helmet, a ragged brown pelt worn as a blouse, and a downy burgundy vest that looks like a fur vest.

She accessorizes with two black bangles knotted around her wrists.

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Mala Sauce Cookie Weapon

The Morning Star Anise, Mala Sauce Cookie‘s weapon, is a play on words between a medieval morning star and a star anise seed. Despite its name, the Morning Star Anise looks more like a flail.

Mala Sauce Cookie Skill?

Spicy Mala Strike: Her mace strikes the earth, rupturing it and doing area damage. Spicy Mala Sauce lava will flow from the fissure, applying the Burn debuff to the opponents and doing periodic damage. Furthermore, this talent raises the CRIT percent of the two allies with the highest CRIT percent stat.

  • 15-second base Cooldown
  • +25.0% CRIT% for 8.0 sec
  • Mace DMG: 9.0% (+0.1-0.2% DMG per level)
  • Lava Burst DMG: 15.7% (+0.2-0.3% DMG per level)
  • Burn: 27.6% DMG every 0.5 sec for 6 sec (+0.3-0.4% DMG per level)

How To Get And Play Mala Sauce Cookie

You don’t need to make any extra effort to get the Mala Sauce Cookie. Cookies can be unlocked randomly from the Cookie banner or the Featured Cookie banner. However, if it ends up in the Featured Cookies section, you are more likely to receive it.

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The Mala Sauce Cookie is placed in front by default. Her class is “charge,” and she literally pounces on enemies thanks to her abilities.

After landing on Escape Level 20, you can acquire Mala sauce cookies from any chest that delivers Epic Cookies.

Mala Sauce Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Mala Sauce Cookie Best Toppings

The Mala Sauce Cookie is available with the following toppings and builds:

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • X5 Almond Toppings Solid
  • X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings

The Solid Almond toppings with CD substat enable the Mala sauce cookie last longer and cast her magic more quickly.

Swift Chocolate toppings are created with DMG Resist substats and are important for fast releasing Mala sauce’s talent while also assisting her in surviving for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, the X5 Searing Raspberry construction delivers higher DMG output than the other two, making it a superior build than the other two, given this cookie’s lack of a good DMG output.

Each Raspberry topping grants +3 percent ATK; if five of them are donned, you gain an additional 5 percent ATK.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mala Sauce Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Is mala sauce a good Cookie?

Unfortunately, Mala Sauce Cookie was not well received and is now considered to be in the bottom tier of Epic Cookies. Her damage numbers are far lower than what one would anticipate from a high-ranking Charge class Cookie.

Is Mala Cookie strong?

The entire clan is unbelievably hot, but none compare to Mala Sauce Cookie’s mind-numbing, burning flavor! Her power has no bounds: a slight tap on a boulder shatters it, while a full swing of her Morning Star Anise unleashes a tremendous whirlwind.

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