Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC? Fans think they found a clue!

Read on to learn is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC. Find out the latest information about the PC version of the popular game.

Some Reddit users thought they spotted a confirmation of a Ghost of Tsushima PC port. However, this turns out to be wrong.

There are rumors that Sony is working on a PC port of the PlayStation 4 game Ghost of Tsushima. We know from Playstation boss Jim Ryan that the company wants to implement more first-party titles for the PC, even if PS4 and PS5 should always remain the best platforms. So far, the only question was which projects would follow next. Ghost of Tsushima would make sense, but the clues aren’t solid.

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Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC?

Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC
Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC?

Back in spring, the supposed insider @CrazyLeaksTrain announced a list of PC ports of Playstation games: Bloodborne, God of War, Uncharted Collection, and Ghost of Tsushima. Of course, that’s not a reliable source, but another clue seemed to have surfaced.

According to a Reddit user, Sony has removed the “Playstation only” label from the retail version of Ghost of Tsushima. Possibly a preparation for a PC port, so the speculation.

Warning, false alarm: In the meantime, a number of other Sony supporters have spoken out. Apparently, the game boxes of first-party PS4 games have recently been redesigned. “Only for Playstation” is now missing; the Playstation Studios logo is emblazoned on the bottom right (like in Spider-Man: Mild Morales ). Presumably, this is an adjustment to the design of the PS5 packaging.

That’s why a port still makes sense: Ghost of Tsushima is an absolute flagship title for Sony. And it’s not just about the beautiful open world and smooth gameplay. The title was named the best game of the last year at the Game Awards 2020. In addition, the real island of Tsushima appointed the developers as official ambassadors. There is hardly a better advertisement for the Playstation brand.

Which PS games could still make it to PC?

In principle, any Playstation game could be implemented for the PC. But it is also clear that the sales figures tend to fall the longer a port from the PS4 or PS5 takes. Therefore, it is likely that Sony will bring new brands (like Ghost of Tsushima) to the PC after one to three years.

This is the exception: Apparently, Sony is also planning a PC port for Uncharted 4, contrary to the previous approach. The game is a few years old, and PC players don’t have access to the first three parts yet. A previous or at least parallel release of the Uncharted Collection would not be unlikely. But it’s not official yet anyway.

What do you think of Sony’s PC policy?

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