Is Friday the 13th crossplay

Can you play Friday the 13th with friends on different platforms? Find out here!

Is Friday the 13th crossplay for PC or console in 2022? Read on to learn all details and explore game diagonal options.

Friday the 13th is a popular horror movie franchise that first hit theaters in 1980. The story follows a group of counselors trying to survive Jason Voorhees, a serial killer who wears a hockey mask. The franchise has spawned 12 movies, and there is now talk of a cross-platform video game that will allow players to compete against each other on different platforms. This blog post will look at what we know about the game so far and give our information on whether it is Friday the 13th crossplay for PC or console in 2022.

Is Friday The 13th Crossplay?

Is Friday The 13th Crossplay for PC or Console
Is Friday The 13th Crossplay for PC or Console

No, cross-play does not exist on Friday the 13th. If you want to play with your friends from different consoles, it’s disappointing that a great game like Friday the 13th lacks cross-play. Only those using the same gaming system—a Playstation, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Console—can play Friday the 13th together.

Even though the game’s creators stated that having cross-platform and cross-play capabilities would be one of the game’s primary goals, there have been no updates.

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Is it possible that Friday the 13th will be cross-platform?

We never received an update on whether the game will support cross-play, even though everyone has been talking about it, and even the game’s developers hyped it up at one point. This was due to the internal politics and untold business of the developers.

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As a community, all we can do is wait and pray that one day an update will fall from the sky, adding cross-play so that we can play with our friends on other gaming platforms.

Does Friday The 13th have cross-progression?

The absence of cross-progression is one of the game’s worst flaws if we must pick one. When they start playing professionally, many gamers switch from built-in gaming PCs to gaming consoles like the Playstation and Xbox.

Players who wanted to play Friday the 13th would have to deal with data loss because the game is not connected to an account that could save your data and in-game progress.


Friday The 13th is a fantastic game, but because it lacks crossplay and cross-progression, it falls behind its rivals. However, devoted fans enjoy a good round, even when alone in public matchmaking lobbies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Friday the 13th cross platform with PC?

The answer is… maybe. The game’s developers have said that they would like to make the game available on as many platforms as possible, but there are no concrete plans for a cross-platform release at this time.

Is Friday the 13th online cross platform?

The answer is no; it is not. The game is only available on Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox One consoles.

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