Is Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform and Crossplay

Is Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform and Crossplay? All You Need To Know

Read on to learn if Dying Light 2 is cross-platform and has a crossplay feature.

Dying Light 2 takes place 22 years after the first game and depicts a world gone mad due to a viral outbreak. The addition of parkour abilities has revolutionized the zombie survival genre. It will undoubtedly be one of 2022’s most anticipated sporting events.

You and up to two other friends can team up in this game’s multiplayer co-op mode. You may be wondering, though, if Dying Light 2 supports cross-platform play and if it includes a crossplay mode. Okay, let’s check it out.

Is Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform?


Yes, that is the answer. Playable on various platforms, Dying Light 2 is fully cross-platform. It functions on PC and all popular platforms. So long as your hardware satisfies the requirements, you should be able to play this game regardless of what you own.

The following platforms are supported by Dying Light 2:

  1. PlayStation 4
  2. PlayStation 5
  3. Windows
  4. Xbox One
  5. Xbox Series X|S
  6. Nintendo Switch

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Does Dying Light 2 Have Crossplay?

We regret to inform you that the answer is no. This game is available on a wide variety of platforms, but it does not support crossplay. This means you’ll have to let go of the idea of teaming up with your gaming buddies from other platforms to experience the thrills of the zombie apocalypse together in this game.

However, the game supports cross-gen play, so you and a friend can compete against each other even if you’re using different generations of the same console. To give two concrete examples, those who own a PlayStation 4 can team up with those who have a PlayStation 5, and those who own an Xbox One can compete with those who own an Xbox Series S|X.

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Gameplay of Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you take on the role of a pilgrim and traverse a post-apocalyptic realm while searching for a lost family member and assisting a faction working to reconstruct the planet. The gameplay mainly consists of exploration and combat, during which you take on and defeat different kinds of adversaries by utilizing an assortment of techniques.

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As a parkour enthusiast, you’ll be able to take advantage of various talents, such as scaling walls, leaping from one building to another, and even using paragliding and grappling hooks at a later stage in the game. This is usually enough to keep you engaged, yet the combat is what the game shines in. You’ll face all kinds of adversaries ranging from the undead to mobs and crazed rebels.

Moreover, this game features a larger map than the initial version, so you can take your time to explore it and make it through the zombie-filled world. It is stimulating, absorbing, and also rewarding. As you wander and search the environment, you can open different parkour maneuvers and combat abilities.

Here, the RPG part of the game takes over, as your character gets stronger and faster as you unlock new skills. You can also use the items you’ve found to make kits and weapons.

You can also talk to NPCs, take their quests (or do your own thing), figure out what’s going on, and have a lot of fun as you go. It’s an entertaining game that gets better the more you play it.

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