Is Days Gone Coming To Xbox

Is Days Gone Coming To Xbox? You May Be Surprised

Can we expect a Days Gone Xbox One release? Does your Xbox support the post-apocalyptic action survival game Days Gone?

Bend Studio’s Days Gone is a post-pandemic action survival game set two years after the zombie apocalypse. In this role-playing game, you play as Deacon St. John, a former motorcycle gang member who is now on a mission to track down his missing wife.

The PS4 version of the open-world survival game came out on April 26, 2019. The critics and gamers praised Days Gone for its compelling story, thrilling gameplay, and unique visual style. The open world and other gameplay elements in Days Gone were well-praised, but the story and characters were panned.

The open-world survival horror game from Bend Studio also came out on PC. It is one of the few PlayStation-only games made available on other systems. Days Gone is the second AAA game that can also be played on PC. The first was Horizon: Zero Dawn.

However, players wonder if the game will be released for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Will Days Gone eventually be released on Xbox?

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Is the ‘Days Gone’ game on Xbox One?

Is Days Gone Coming To Xbox
Is Days Gone Coming To Xbox?

The Xbox version of Days Gone is sadly absent. The game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and will not be available on other platforms shortly. Even though it hit PC on May 18, 2021, it is highly unlikely that we will ever get to play it on our consoles.

How to play Days Gone on Xbox?

Having said that, Days Gone can be played on Xbox. This PlayStation-only game may be played on the Series X through the Edge web browser. Tom Warren of The Verge recently demonstrated a browser-based gaming software. He was able to play Days Gone on the new Edge browser on the Series X thanks to this streaming technology.

Game streaming and third-party programs have made it feasible to play console-exclusive titles on other devices. With so many variables, however, likely, things won’t go smoothly.

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