How can you get Every Immunizing Horn Charm

How can you get Every Immunizing Horn Charm easily?

The Immunizing Horn Charm is a Talisman in Elden Ring that makes a person more resistant to poison and scarlet rot by raising their Immunity. Wearing this Talisman can be very good for your health when traveling through the rotten wastelands of Caelid or Ainsel River. Also, the Immunizing Horn Charm will help fight bosses like Malenia, and Blade of Miquella, who have attacks that cause rot.

The Immunizing Horn Charm Talisman is in a Giant Ant nest, a cave in the southwest corner of the Ainsel River full of dead people. Tarnished can get to this area by using the Sending Gate in Renna’s Rise to teleport to the Ainsel River Main or by taking the lift at the Ainsel River Well in East Liurnia of the Lakes. Don’t forget that the second route is closer. Once players reach the area below, they must go through several Giant Ant tunnels to get to the nest with the Talisman. So, Tarnished pilgrims should make sure they have the right level and gear before starting their search.

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How To get the Immunizing Horn Charm in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, go south along the river from the Ainsel River Well Depths to get the Immunizing Horn Charm. Players can either go through the Uhl Palace Ruins at a fork in the road or rush past the Ant Queen’s lair. Next, get past the guards watching the passageway to Ainsel River Downstream. Watch out for the Misshaped Star up in the sky. Keep going southeast into the cave and take the Immunizing Horn Charm from the body behind a Stinger Giant Ant.

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Immunizing Horn Charm Locations In Elden Ring


There is also an ungraded version of the Scarlet Rot/Poison Buildup-Mitigating Talisman called Immunizing Horn Charm +1. Adventurers with the Tarnished trait can get it by killing an Ancestral Follower in the Lake of Rot. Note that the main character can’t get to this part of the Ainsel River until he or she has beaten General Radahn and found Ranni’s hidden treasure.

In Ranni’s questline, go to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace after you beat the Baleful Shadow. In the southeast, the Ancestral Follower can be waist-deep in liquid rot. So, Tarnished adventurers must ensure they have enough Scarlet Rot cures to get across the lake and fight for as long as possible. Once the Ancestral Follower has been killed, pick up the Immunizing Horn Charm +1 from its body, as the Talisman will not be automatically looted.

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