how to use Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer

How Does the Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer Work?

Read on, learn how to use Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer and learn how it works.

As you advance in your adventure in Honkai Star Rail, many of the encounters you come across get more challenging. Good Relics are therefore necessary to facilitate some battles. Relics can be used to enhance particular stats, such as their damage output or access to certain buffs.

The game occasionally fails to provide us with everything we require. You can check the quality of your Relics thanks to websites like Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer. We’ll explain how to use it here.

What is Relic In Honkai Star Rail?

Characters can equip relics to gain advantages in a variety of statistics, including HP, Attack, Speed, and Defense. Each Relic belongs to a particular set, but attributes vary from case to case. A character will receive a passive benefit when two or four Relics from the same set are equipped to them.

Each set typically contains four different types of Relics: a body piece, a leg piece, a head piece, and a wrist piece. However, there are some exceptions, particularly about Planar Ornaments, which take on a more ambiguous shape. Relics range in rarity from 2 stars to a maximum 5 stars, with the more uncommon options offering higher base stats.

What do Honkai: Star Rail Relics do?

20 sets of relics can be found in Honkai: Star Rail. Some of them are made up of two parts, while others are four. In either case, each character may use up to four of these artifacts simultaneously.

Each set is also offered in various star rating configurations. There are versions of each with 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars.

The buffs or effects that each set of relics has on the wearer are unique. All 20 sets of relics accomplish the following:

Band of the Sizzling Thunder2-5 starFourTwo pieces: 10% increase in Lightning DMG
Four pieces: The wearer’s ATK increases by 25% for one turn when they use their skill move.
Belobog of the Architects2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: 15% increase in DEF stat. The wearer receives an additional 15% DEF when the EHR (Effect Hit Rate) is 50% or higher.
Celestial Differentiator2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: 15% more CRIT DMG.
Champion of Streetwise Boxing2-5 starFourTwo pieces: 10% increase in Physical DMG.
Four pieces: The wearer’s ATK rises by 5% after they are struck or attacked. Per battle, this can stack five times.
Eagle of the Twilight Line2-5 starFourTwo pieces: 10% increase in Wind DMG.
Four pieces: After using Ultimate, the wearer gains a 25% faster turn.
Firesmith of Lava-Forging2-5 starFourTwo pieces: 10% more fire damage.
Four pieces: 12% increase in skill damage. Fire DMG increases by an additional 12% for one attack after an Ultimate.
Fleet of the Ageless2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Boosts maximum HP by 12%. All teammates receive +8% ATK when SPD reaches 120.
Genius of Brilliant Stars2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Add 10% more Quantum DMG.
Four pieces: Attacks disregard 10% of an opponent’s DEF.
Guard of Wuthering Snow2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Reduces DMG taken by 8%.
Four pieces: If the wearer is at less than 50% HP at the start of a turn, they regenerate 8% of max HP.
Hunter of Glacial Forest2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increase ICE DMG by 10%.
Four pieces: After using an Ultimate, CRIT DMG increases by 25% for two turns.
Inert Salsotto2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Increases the wearer’s crit rate by 8%.
Knight of Purity Palace2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increases DEF by 12%.
Four pieces: Increases max DMG absorption by 20%.
Musketeer of Wild Wheat2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increases ATK by 10%.
Four pieces: Increases SPD by 6%. Further 10% ATK buff.
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Increase EHR by 10%. ATK stat inceases according to 25% of the EHR.
Passerby of Wandering Cloud2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increases healing by 10%.
Four pieces: Recover a skill point right at the start of each battle.
Space Stealing Station2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Increase ATK by 12%. At SPD 120, another 12% ATK increase.
Sprightly Vonwacq2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 5%.
Talia Kingdom of Banditry2-5 starTwoTwo pieces: Break Effect increases by 20%.
Thief of Shooting Meteor2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increase Break Effect by 16%.
Four pieces: Increases Break Effect by further 16%. Weakness breaks recovers three energy.
Wastelander of Banditry Desert2-5 starFourTwo pieces: Increase Imaginary DMG by 10%.
Four pieces: CRIT rate increases by 10% when attacking a debuffed enemy.

Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer Helps You Create the Best Builds

Obtaining Relics in Honkai Star Rail that have the precise stats that each character needs can be challenging. For days or weeks, farming Caverns of Corrosion can consume all of your Trailblaze Power, but even then, you won’t succeed. Relics make it very challenging to predict which stats will increase as the item levels up.

Even if an item appears to have good stats, there is always room for improvement. To facilitate this process, websites like Mobilemeta developed their Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer.

How Does the Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer Work?

To use Relic scorer, enter your UID number on the Relic Scorer website. When playing Honkai Star Rail, your UID can be located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Characters from your profile are the only ones considered by the Honkai Star Rail’s Relic Scorer as Support or Starfaring Companions.

Your account or personal information are not compromised when the website extracts public information from your profile. Change the characters from your profile settings, wait a while, and then refresh the page if you want to see other characters.

All the data in the database is compared by the Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer. Then, it generates a global ranking to indicate how well your character’s build is on a leaderboard around the world. Additionally, it rates each artifact individually from D to SSS.

Honkai Star Rail Relic Scorer FAQ

How do you use relics in Star Rail?

Characters can equip relics to increase their base statistics like Health, Attack, Speed, Defense, and more. Each Relic is one of a kind and has its own unique set of characteristics. A character will receive a passive bonus if they equip two or four Relics from the same set.

How do you upgrade relics in Honkai Star Rail?

You can obtain Relic EXP Materials just by playing the game, especially if your Trailblaze Level is rising, and you’ve been opening the treasure chests you come across. Make sure you interact with Daily Training every day, as that is a great way to earn Relic EXP Materials.

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