how to use compass in Escape from Tarkov

Master the Art of Navigation with this Comprehensive Guide on Using Compass in Escape from Tarkov

Reading this manual, learn how to use compass in Escape from Tarkov.

Battlestate Games developed the multiplayer tactical first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov. It is not the most beginner-friendly game, as it takes a long time to get used to. Players frequently become disoriented due to the size of the maps. In such situations, a compass can be handy for navigating out of any confusion. This guide will demonstrate how to use the compass in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Use Compass in Escape from Tarkov

Now that you have the compass, you may wonder how to use it. To put it mildly, it’s simple. These are the simple instructions you need to master the Compass in Escape from Tarkov:

  • To begin, select “Character” from EFT’s primary menu.
  • You’ll find three Special Slots in this area.
  • To move your compass to a different “Special Slot,” click and drag it from “Stash.”
  • You’ll have to assign the compass to a “Hotkey” now.
  • A shortcut key for the compass can be made using any number from 0 to 4.

You’ve successfully finished setting up the compass. All you have to do to activate it during a raid is press the hotkey you selected. On your left, the compass will become visible. The green arrow will point you south, and the red arrow will help you find your way north. While holding the compass in your hand, you can move and even aim your gun. But the compass will be put away when you sprint or fire.

The compass is essential if you are an experienced player or a beginner. Maps in Escape from Tarkov will be easier for you to comprehend. You must locate it as soon as possible and begin using it.

That’s all there is to know about how to use the compass in Escape from Tarkov. Visit our Escape from Tarkov hub for more game tips and tricks.

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