how to unlock the Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors

Unleash the Power of the Spellbinder: How to Unlock and Master this Formidable Character in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to unlock the Spellbinder and use it in Vampire Survivors.

In Vampire Survivors, seemingly unimportant decisions like your weapon can affect how many unlockables you can get during your runs. In addition to the customary, buyable power ups, each character has a unique specialty that significantly impacts your overall progression.

A good example is the Vampire Survivors Spellbinder, which requires you to level a particular item first. But don’t worry; the detailed instructions are provided below.

In this post, we’ll show you how to unleash the Spellbinder step-by-step and provide tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Requirements for Unlocking Spellbinder

  • You must have the Runetracer weapon first.
  • You must be level 7.

Complete Guide on Unlocking Spellbinder

Runetracer must reach level 7 for the Vampire Survivors Spellbinder to be unlocked. The issue is that although one of the first characters that can be bought has the necessary weapon, it isn’t available right away.

After your first run, purchasing Pasqualina for 110 gold is simple, which is what you need for this. Pasqualina might not be the best character, but she always has the Runetracer with her.

All that’s left to do is pick Pasqualina, upgrade the Runetracer to level 7, and do so by grabbing the corresponding upgrades whenever they show up. It took me less than eight minutes to finish this, prioritizing Runetracer upgrades whenever they appeared, even though leveling up always gives you different options.

Don’t worry if you can’t level your weapon to level 7. If anything, you can try again later with Pasqualina or another character because the Runetracer is unlocked after surviving five minutes with her. The Vampire Survivors Spellbinder will be accessible in subsequent runs once you finish this goal. If you’re interested, Spellbinder is a piece of equipment that lengthens weapon effects by 10%.

I hadn’t used Pasqualina before working on this guide, but I must admit that the Runetracer is a rather intriguing weapon. It begins by firing a beam that can cut through several enemies, already a significant advantage over Imelda’s Wand. The upgrades increase the weapon’s base damage and speeds while increasing the number of projectiles it can fire. My longest run to date was 24 minutes, which I ultimately managed to survive.

Here are some weapon and item suggestions that go well with Runetracer. First, get a Whip if you can, and then when you level up, choose at least one upgrade. This will ensure that both the character’s front and back have a steady line of attack and defense. I was already killing enemies left and right, thanks to this combination.

Later, when I could get it, I chose the Crown to increase the amount of experience I got. King’s Bible was a great friend, especially at level 4, when it could call up multiple bibles simultaneously. I also got lucky and found the garlic useful after a few upgrades.

Again, you can tinker with the build by prioritizing the Runetracer whenever an upgrade materializes. But thanks to the aforementioned factors, this was a sprint inside a library rather than a walk in the park.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make the process of unlocking Spellbinder easier:

  • Participate in events: Events are a great way to earn in-game currency and items to help you unlock Spellbinder faster.
  • Sell unwanted items: Don’t forget to sell any unwanted items you have to earn extra gold.
  • Save diamonds: Diamonds can be used for various things in the game, so it’s best to save them for purchasing Spellbinder fragments or other essential items.


Unlocking Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors is a worthwhile endeavor that can help you quickly progress through the game. You can unlock Spellbinder in no time by following our step-by-step guide and using our tips and tricks. Good luck!

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