How To Turn Off Narrator On Xbox One

Say Goodbye to Narrator: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Off Narrator on Xbox One

In this article, we’ve talked about how to turn off narrator on Xbox One and what does cause the narrator of Xbox One to turn off itself. Keep reading and get the solution.

What is an Xbox narrator?

If you own an Xbox One, you may be familiar with the Narrator feature, which lets you have text read aloud to you. Any area of the screen’s surroundings is acceptable for using that text (e.g., button). The Narrator feature will be very handy for those who have trouble reading text on a screen. Although it can be turned on in the options, this feature is disabled by default.

Xbox Narrator Settings

But this article will discuss how to turn off the narrator altogether. It seems that many Xbox One owners are having trouble disabling this function. The narrator begins playing when some users sign onto their Xbox Live account. Others have it turned on mechanically whenever they use the Movies App to watch a movie. As the voice begins to describe what the user sees on the screen, this can become highly annoying.

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How To Shut Off Narrator On Xbox One?

Now, let’s look at several potential solutions that could assist you in shutting off this function.

Solution 1: Use the Power Menu to switch it off.

You can “officially” shut off the Narrator in three different ways. The first approach is the quickest and most straightforward. The voiceover can be silenced via the Xbox One’s power options.

  1. The first step is to power your console and sign in to your Xbox Live account.
  2. The Narrator will activate itself if you’re affected by the software glitch. When you choose a path, a blue outline appears, and the words are repeated verbatim.
  3. Hold down the Xbox controller’s “Home” button now.
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Xbox Home Button

4. The power menu will be displayed.

5. The instruction to silence the narrator will be visible.

Turn off The Narrator

6. Press the controller’s Menu button to silence the narrator.


7. The narrator should be switched off at this time.

If the narrator is still active, continue with the next step.

Solution 2: Using Voice Control to Turn Off

The alternative is to use your voice to disable the Narrator. To use voice commands, your device must be enabled for that feature and compatible with your voice (e.g., Headset, Kinect).

  1. Disabling the voice-activated narrator can be done in a few different ways.
  2. For instance, if Kinect is already set up and connected, you can use this command: “Xbox, Turn Off Narrator.”
  3. There is no need for a separate accessory when using Cortana. Cortana, the digital personal assistant, only needs to be activated. To activate Cortana, go to the system’s configurations and the Cortana section.
  4. The following command activates Cortana: “Hey Cortana, Turn Narrator Off.”
  5. The narrator can be muted with the help of either Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Both of these, however, need additional hardware to function. Similar to Alexa, you’ll need an Echo speaker from Amazon.
  6. Go to System > Kinect & Devices > Digital Assistants to activate Alex or Google Assistant.
  7. The next step is to turn on digital assistants and configure the gadget for their use.

Solution 3: Turn off the Settings Menu.

Using the Narrator’s settings menu constitutes the third option for exiting the program. This approach is the slowest of the three.

  1. Launch Xbox Live on your console after powering it on.
  2. To access the Home menu, hit the Xbox controller’s Menu button. This button activates the Guide.
  3. You may adjust the settings by scrolling down and clicking the gear button.
  4. Select Default Settings afterward.
  5. Click the Ease of Access tab on the left sidebar next.
  6. Click Narrator option
  7. After that, disable the Narrator.
  8. That is all. The narrator should be turned off at this time.
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Solution 4: Movies & TV App Custom Fix

This is a custom fix that a user came up with. It only works when the Narrator turns on automatically when watching a movie or video.

  1. Most people select Closed Caption (CC) when playing video or film. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to silence the narration. All you’ll find are alternate perspectives from the storyteller.
  2. But you can silence the storyteller if you want to. To listen to the narrated portion, click the mini microphone.
  3. The next step is to select an audio track that does not feature the word “narration” in the title.
  4. Typically, this setting is referred to as “Primary,” “English,” “Dolby Audio,” and “6 Channel.”
  5. Selecting this menu item should silence the voiceover.

If this strategy does not work for you, try the last one.

Solution 5: Factory Restore/ Reset Xbox

Resetting your Xbox should fix the Narrator not going off if none of the above works. Xbox may be reset in two ways. Automatic or manual. Console reset instructions are below.

Automatic Reset

  1. Automatic resetting requires first powering on and logging into the console.
  2. Select your profile from the main menu’s upper left to access it.
  3. Then click the gear icon or navigate to the Settings section.
  4. Click “System” then “Console Information” now.
  5. Choose the Reset console option after that.
  6. Finally, choose the option to “Reset & keep games & applications.” If you don’t want to lose any progress in the game, this is the option to pick. Only by erasing and reinstalling the damaged files can your Xbox be reset.
  7. You may now reset your Xbox.
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Manuel Reset

  1. Xbox Startup Troubleshooter allows you to reset your console manually.
  2. The first step in a manual reset is to power down the system entirely. Detach the power cord while you’re at it.
  3. Once you’ve disconnected the wire, give it 30 seconds to stabilize. Then reconnect it to power.
  4. Then, for the next 15 seconds, you’ll need to hold down both the console’s Pair and Eject buttons. The next step is to hit the Xbox button.
Eject and Pair Button

5. You’ll hear two tones while holding the buttons, spaced a few seconds apart.

6. Stop holding the Pair and Eject buttons at the second signal.

7. If you press a button on the console, it will turn on and direct you to the Troubleshooter.

8. Select the Reset this Xbox option in the troubleshooter.

reset xbox

9. Select Keep games and apps after pressing the “Reset this Xbox” option.

10. After pressing the reset button, you’ll be returned to the main menu. Verify that you can still hear the Narrator by using the ‘F1’ button.

If these methods didn’t work, it’s likely an Xbox software bug. Microsoft may fix it in future releases if you report it.

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