How To Swap Heroes In DOTA 2

How To Swap Heroes In DOTA 2 Detailed Guide 2022

Dota 2 features a wide range of exciting game circumstances. So, let’s speak about hero swapping in Dota 2 today.

Why do you require the ability to swap heroes?

In a discussion on how to swap heroes in Dota 2, it’s essential to explain why doing so is necessary. A hero swap could be required for one of three reasons.

In the first place, experts link them to the game’s tactical elements, while beginners and casual players blame a lack of skill or focus.

Accordingly, I have compiled a list of explanations:

  1. Confusing the opposing team. In 2013, Na’Vi frequently used such a confusing tactical play. It worked amazingly well. The opponent was confused when Dendi chose a Shadow Shaman. He then invented something with crooked lines. After that, Danil swapped heroes with KuroKy and played the default mid-hero.
  2. Playing a random hero. Many gamers, especially newbies, still pick heroes to test their luck. After selecting an Invoker in match-making, the novice discovers he doesn’t know how to play this hero. He’s responsible. The “fortunate” hero may usually play Invoker without losing the mid-lane.
  3. It seems like there was a misclick. The likelihood of making the incorrect choice is easily explained, even to novices. To target Drow Ranger, click on a nearby hero, for instance.
  4. Auto pick. If you fail to select a character, as could happen in Captain’s mode, one will be chosen for you automatically. If the situation becomes unbearable, it is best to reject the status quo and choose the hero.

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How to swap heroes in Dota 2

Heroes can be switched out immediately after the game begins. There is an easy and quick method for accomplishing this.

To initiate a hero’s exchange, you must first request it from the opposing player. However, how can you suggest suggesting a hero change in Dota 2?

Choose the player (character) you wish to switch to by clicking on their tab (or another button with statistics). After that, an offer in kind will be extended to the team member.

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