How to Sprint In Elden Ring

How to Sprint In Elden Ring: Everything You Need To Know

Read on later about how to sprint in Elden Ring. Learn about sprinting in Elden Ring according to game platforms.

With the inclusion of a stamina meter and maybe a sprinting ability, the Elden Ring developers are trying to add more of a strategic element to their combat system. Many gamers are having a hard time adjusting as they are used to being able to dash in any direction they please.

In the Elden Ring, the stamina meter is limited, and the sprinting button is only accessible when the meter is filled. If you want to sprint, you must wait for your stamina to refill.

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How to Sprint and Run Faster In Elden Ring

Walking on Elden Ring is a slow process. Torrent is also not available in certain areas. Sprinting is a great way to go around quickly when on foot. This consumes stamina when in the fight but not otherwise.

Running and sprinting in Elden Ring is slightly different than in other games. You can’t just hold down the sprint button and go. Instead, you have to use a stamina meter. To sprint, hold down the left trigger and then hold down the X button to start running.

You can then release the X button to walk again. The stamina meter will slowly deplete while you’re sprinting, and you’ll have to stop running if it runs out. You can refill the stamina meter by eating food or drinking potions.

How to Sprint on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5


To Sprint on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, hold down the “Circle” button on the controller.

How to Sprint on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X


Sprinting on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X is similar to sprinting on PlayStation consoles. Hold down the B button to sprint.

To sprint in Elden Ring, you must first enable it in the game’s settings. From the game’s main menu, select “Options,” then “Gameplay.” Under the “Sprint” heading, toggle the “Enable Sprinting” slider to the “On” position. Once sprinting is enabled, you can sprint by pressing and holding the left joystick in the desired direction.

How to Sprint In Elden Ring on PC


To sprint in Elden Ring on PC, hold down the Space Bar.

How to Sprint In Elden Ring on Mac

To sprint in Elden Ring on Mac, hold down the Space Bar.

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