How Do You Setup Turtle Beach XL1 To Xbox One?

If you want to learn how to setup Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One, this detailed guide will guide you about pairing your Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One.

How To Setup Turtle Beach XL1 To Xbox One

Setting up your Turtle Beach XL1 is easy once you have your Xbox One console and an 3.5 mm output jack. Next, you will need to add an Extra DSS sound processor and an In-line amplifier. Then, you will be ready to connect the headphones to the Xbox One console. Follow the steps below to install the required drivers. You will also need to download the latest version of the XL1 software.

Using 3.5 mm output jack

The best way to hook up your Turtle Beach XL1 headset with your Xbox One console is to use a 3.5 mm audio jack. This connection will give you both the stereo audio and digital optical sound from your Xbox One. However, if your Xbox One does not have an audio jack, then you can hook it up with an optical cable or a headphone jack on your computer. In order to get started, just follow the simple steps outlined below.

When connected to a computer, Turtle Beach headsets deliver robust audio. Some even include a built-in amplifier, which gives you complete control over your audio experience. Other headsets require a PC Splitter Cable, so you’ll need to use one that has both. The PC Splitter Cable will also allow you to use your Turtle Beach headset with your PC. But if you’d rather use the microphone and speaker features of your PC headset, then this adapter will work perfectly for you.

Using 50mm speakers

If you want to experience more realistic audio while playing XBOX games, the Turtle Beach XL1 Xbox 360 headset is the perfect solution. This headset boasts 50mm speakers, an in-line amplifier, independent game volume and chat volume controls, a Turtle Beach sticker and more. To get started, follow these simple steps. After you’ve completed the installation, you can test your headset and adjust the volume and mic mute.

Firstly, you need to connect your XL1 headset to the Xbox One console. Make sure the Xbox One console is turned on, as this will be required to use the Turtle Beach XL1 in the console. Then, you need to plug the microphone into the speaker using the small cord. You’re now ready to enjoy fantastic sound from your gaming console.

Using Extra DSS sound processor

The XL1 gaming headphones by Turtle Beach come with 50mm speakers. These headphones are stereo only, but you can upgrade them with the Turtle Beach DSS sound processor, which simulates 5.1/7.1 surround sound. This extra-cost processor is available for purchase separately, but you can get a discount if you buy both together. If you’re interested in adding this extra sound processor, you can visit the Turtle Beach website for the discount.

how to setup Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One
how to setup Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One

Using In-line amplifier

If you’re considering adding an in-line amplifier to your Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One headset, then you’ve come to the right place. The XL1 headset features 50mm speakers and an in-line amplifier to maximize your game and chat volume. It also features a built-in bass boost for enhanced audio. This headset connects to the stereo outputs on your audio receiver or television. It also works with your XBOX ONE controllers with 3.5mm jacks. However, you will need to purchase an adapter for the in-line amplifier to fit into your controller.

If you’re using the original Xbox 360 console, you’ll need the Turtle Beach Ear Force Xbox 360 Audio Adapter cable, which connects to the A/V port on the back of your console. The cable provides white and red RCA (stereo) outputs and a digital optical output. Using these connectors will allow you to connect your Turtle Beach XL1 to Xbox One with high-quality audio.

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