How to Set a Custom Gamerpic for xbox profile

Step Up Your Gaming: Learn How to Set a Custom Gamerpic for Your Xbox Profile

Given that you can alter your Xbox’s background and theme, you might as well give it a unique look with a custom gamerpic.

We’ve got you covered if you’ve ever wanted to know how to change your gamerpic or set up a new one from scratch.

Changing Your Xbox Live Gamerpic

To create a unique gamerpic, you must first understand the basics of changing your gamerpic.

Here are the measures you must take to update your gamerpic:

  • Press the Xbox button on the main menu to access the menu system.
  • Swipe right on the Right Bumper to access your Xbox profile settings.
  • When you go to your Xbox profile, select the “My profile” option to see your account summary.
  • To alter your gamerpic, click the Edit button on your profile’s settings.

Following the steps above should result in seeing every pre-existing option for a replacement gamerpic for your Xbox profile.

But what if you want a personalized gamerpic?

Making Your Own Gamerpic for Your Profile

Now that you understand how to change your gamerpic, you can create a custom gamerpic.

You could even go one step further and learn how to create your own gamerpic to create your own, completely unique profile picture for your Xbox account.

On Xbox, you can set up a custom gamerpic in two ways: through the console itself or through the Xbox app.

Choosing Your Custom Gamerpic on Your Xbox

Then, on the actual console:

  • Using the steps outlined above, navigate to the options for changing your gamerpic.
  • Choose Upload your own image.
  • Your Xbox will read the external USB storage device and display the PNG and JPG files.
  • Select the desired image and click Upload.

Notably, the ability for Xbox consoles to access users’ OneDrive storage and select PNG or JPG images for viewing has been discontinued.

Choosing a Custom Gamerpic on the Xbox App

A custom gamerpic can be created with the help of the Xbox app and your photo library, eliminating the need for a third-party USB device.

Using the Xbox app, you can select your own unique gamerpic by:

  • To access your profile, launch the program and click on the small picture of you playing a game in the lower right corner.
  • Your gamerpic settings can be accessed by clicking the pencil icon next to your profile picture.
  • Select the camera icon and then the photo library to choose the image you want to use as your gamerpic.
  • Crop the image by touching and dragging the circle, then click Upload.

You should see your new gamerpic soon, but if not, that’s okay.

Why your personalized Gamerpic might not show up right away?

Microsoft will verify any image you choose, regardless of the method you use to pick and upload it.

Microsoft seeks to safeguard the online safety of all users and wants to ensure that no offensive or hazardous photos are published on the Xbox platform for anyone to view.

While Microsoft confirms your uploaded image, there may be a brief wait before your unique profile image appears on your Xbox profile.


You can now explore the other options for customizing your Xbox profile now that you know how to create your own unique gamerpic.

Xbox gives you a lot of control over the look and feel of the interface, including the ability to customize your home screen, display, cursor colors, and a dynamic theme.

I hope you have fun putting your own stamp on your Xbox gameplay.

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