how to see the Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors

A Step-by-Step Guide to Seeing the Final Fireworks And Unlock the Greatest Jubilee Weapon in Vampire Survivors

Read on to learn how to see the Final Fireworks and unlock the Greatest Jubilee Weapon in Vampire Survivors.

The Greatest Jubilee is the conceivably final piece of unlockable content in Vampire Survivors, and boy was it a challenge and a good time! Prima Games has completed Vampire Survivors, and we are now delivering a strategy guide for the game’s final boss fight. Warning: this is where you see the full splendor of the Final Fireworks.

How to Get the Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors v1.0, and See the Final Fireworks

To face the final boss, you must first accomplish two tasks (and the almost-dozen ones behind it):

Step 1: You must first obtain Gracia’s Mirror and the Seventh Trumpet. To be able to do so, you must have unlocked all previous relics. They don’t expect much.

Step 2: You’ll have to go through the dreaded Eudaimonia M. phase again. Make sure you use your strongest character, whether Queen Sigma or a character who has been massively boosted. You might as well take advantage of all the Golden Eggs that were thrown your way in this battle.

The Mysterious Shadowy EntityTM (that’s what we’re calling it now; its real name is The Directer, which we learned after defeating it by reading about it in the Bestiary) will once more be waiting for you to speak to it when you enter the stage. When you click OK, some gibberish will appear on the screen, and the battle will start.

How to Beat The Director in Vampire Survivors (Bestiary entry 105)

  1. The first part of the fight takes place in the first room. Your goal is to hit the things that are flying around The Director. You will also find out that The Directer is so strong that it can turn on music even if you turn the volume down during this fight.

2. During this fight, you will visit the majority of the stages in Vampire Survivors as you progress through Phase 2. (visually speaking). The screen will shake slightly as you shatter each of the orbiting objects. When you’ve shattered them all, Phase 3 will begin.


3. Phase 3 continues in the same vein but uses a different visual theme. On your screen, everything suddenly begins to go to hell. Fight on and continue to attack the orbiting skulls and eyes. Ensure to avoid the numerous new attacks directed at you (you have seen them in previous levels, Gallo Tower and Boss Rash).

4. Because the good ol’ White Death (White Reaper) is coming for you, and you can’t run away, your Revives will be tested in Phase 4. Best wishes.


5. You will progress to Phase 5 of this boss fight if the Revival test is passed.


As the screenshot shows, there will be a lot of Red Deaths after you. They won’t kill you in one shot, so don’t be (very) scared. Just keep moving. You’re good if you passed your Revival test.

You’ll reach the last stage when you’ve done enough damage on your side. Just kick back and take it easy.


Now you can use this excellent new weapon. The “Princess is in another Castle” trope seems to be back:

Do not leave the game before watching the credits and clicking “Back” a few times (but not too many times, or you will be forced to leave the game).

If Bestiary entry 105 is not unlocked, you have encountered a bug. Go ahead and defeat The Directorer again, and it will be added to your Bestiary collection!


In conclusion, seeing the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors is a thrilling experience that requires careful planning and strategy. Whether you choose to go solo or team up with friends, taking the time to upgrade your weapons, stock up on supplies, and familiarize yourself with the map will greatly increase your chances of survival. The final fireworks are the ultimate reward for a job well done, and seeing them light up the sky is a testament to your bravery and determination. So gather your courage, sharpen your skills, and get ready to experience the magnificent display that is the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors.

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