how to respec in elden ring

Elden Ring: How Respec Can Help You Master Your Gameplay Strategy

If you’re unhappy with how your character is progressing in Elden Ring, you can always respec to try something else. This option is especially helpful when testing new weapons requiring different stats or taking on the game’s extremely challenging late-game bosses.

You can create any specialized or hybrid character that strikes your fancy by allocating your stat points however you see fit. Here’s how to respec in Elden Ring, including where you need to go to get the ability to start with.

Where to respec your character

To respec your character, you must first kill Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, who also serves as the game’s second major boss. You must battle through the Raya Lucaria Academy, situated in the center of the Liurnia of the Lakes map, to get to her.

Location of Rennala Queen of the Full Moon

After you’ve gone through the academy and fought the difficult Rennala boss battle (during phase 1, make sure to attack the glowing acolyte), you’ll find that she becomes a friendly NPC and stays at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace for the rest of the game. You can visit her at any time to respec your character. But it’s not that easy. Every time you want to change where your stat points go, you’ll need a rare consumable item called a Larval Tear.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon post-fight

Where to find Larval Tears

According to what we have learned about the game, each Elden Ring playthrough contains a limited number of Larval Tears. As a result, you’ll need to carefully decide what kind of build you want to switch to when you locate and use them.

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Although there are other Larval Tears to be found in some well-hidden and challenging late-game areas that you’ll come across on your adventure, the locations listed below are some of the best places to look while exploring Liurnia of the Lakes.

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Larval Tear

Check out the Albinaurics’ Village

A run-down village Southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes is one of the first places to discover a Larval Tear. You must navigate a poisonous swamp in this region before arriving at the Village of the Albinaurics, where a dead body bears the Larval Tear.

Check the graveyard east of Caria Manor

The far north of the biome, to Caria Manor, is another location to find a Larval Tear in Liurnia of the Lakes. Make your way through it until you defeat the boss Royal Knight Loretta at the end of this dungeon filled with spectral foes and strange hand monsters. The open-world area behind the manor will then be accessible to you. Turn to the east and enter a cemetery. There, you’ll find a ghost sitting in a chair who, when touched, releases a Larval Tear.

Go to Caria Manor and talk to Pdia

Lastly, while you’re still in Liurnia of the Lakes, go to the southwest corner of the open area behind Caria Manor that you unlocked by defeating Royal Knight Loretta. You’ll find some cliffs you can jump off to reach a church balcony you couldn’t get to before. You’ll find Pdia here. You can buy another Larval Tear from her.

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