How to play Genshin Impact on PC

Master Teyvat: Unleash the Adventure – Your Guide To Playing Genshin Impact On PC or Mac!

How to play Genshin Impact on PC or Mac will be covered in this guide. Use the game’s official version or download an Android emulator to your computer to accomplish this.

BlueStacks is the one we chose because it is totally free and totally secure. Both Windows and macOS are compatible with this emulator. Contrary to the official version, which is limited to Windows compatibility.

Ways To Play Genshin Impact On PC

Genshin Impact can be played on the PC using either the official emulator or an Android emulator. Use the Android emulator (BlueStacks) if you frequently play mobile games. The same is true if you use macOS because only Windows can get the official version.

  • Official Emulator (Hoyoverse)
  • Android emulator (BlueStacks)

Downloading the Official Emulator for Genshin Impact

To play Genshin Impact on the PC using the first method, we will install the official emulator from Hoyoverse. It is the quickest and simplest method of playing on a PC.

To access the download page, click the button above, then click the button.

Wait for Genshin Impact to launch after installing the game as you would any other piece of software.

That’s it; Genshin Impact is now installed on your computer, allowing you to play more effectively. Simply link your account to the one you used on your phone if you’ve already started a game there to access your progress.

Installing Android Emulator To Play Genshin Impact On PC

The alternative is to use an Android emulator like BlueStacks to play Genshin Impact on a personal computer. This is the only way to do it on a Mac.

Step 1: Downloading Game

First, click “Download Genshin Impact” on this page.

Your.exe file is downloading right now. Click on it as soon as you can to begin the installation. Though it will take some time, remain calm. This is completely normal; the emulator installs best based on the capabilities of your computer.

BlueStacks has now been set up. Once the emulator has started, you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account. It should be noted that entering your regular Google account is preferred to retrieve your game progress.

Step 2: Installing and playing Genshin Impact on PC

Download Genshin Impact for mobile. The process of finding the game is very straightforward: inside the emulator, select the Google Play Store tab, and type the game’s name into the search field.

Click “Install” once you’ve located it.

The installation is already complete, and it was effortless! Genshin Impact is now playable on a PC.

Restoring Mobile Progress On The PC

You want to synchronize and recover your Genshin Impact progress.
Here’s how to retrieve your gaming history: Your account, and consequently, your email address, are linked to your progress in Genshin Impact. Simply connect using the same email address across all platforms.

You can play right now on your PC!

I hope this quick guide will help you enjoy your new PC gaming experience! By the way, we’ve put together a more technical article on BlueStacks optimization if you want to configure your emulator further.

FAQ: Installation Genshin Impact On PC

Is it legal to use an Android emulator with Genshin Impact?

It is perfectly legal to use an Android emulator to play Genshin Impact (or any other mobile game) on a PC. What makes this legal? Because the Android emulator does not support cheating, you can play on a large screen with mouse and keyboard controls. So it’s completely legal!

Would it be possible to move my Genshin Impact account from iOS to Android?

Yes, undoubtedly. To transfer your account from iOS to Android or vice versa, simply connect to the game using the same email address on both platforms. Your game progress is entirely linked to your account, and thus to your email.

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