how to increase decency to 10000 In DOTA 2

How to increase decency to 10000 In DOTA 2?

It is one of the most played games in the world. DOTA 2 has more than 100 million players worldwide and is growing quickly. The game’s popularity is increased by its massive mainstream following, and even professional players are endorsing it as a great eSport.

DOTA 2 revolves around decency, and at a higher level, you need to realize it more and more. There will be many people that play DOTA 2 who aren’t on the same page about what is right or wrong behavior in the game. It takes courage to speak up against cyberbullying, sexism, racism, or violence toward someone else. However, staying silent has consequences in this virtual world.

If you’re not engaged with your teammates or feel like you’re not valued as a player because you don’t see anyone playing support roles well, it is time to speak up against these issues. This article covers 17 tips for higher decency in DOTA2 that can help you become a better teammate and make other teammates respect you even more.

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17 Tips How to increase decency to 10000 In DOTA2?

Turn on Steam Guard.

  1. Make your profile public.
  2. Be an active Steam user (enjoy guides, participate in discussions, take screenshots, illustrations, and guides).
  3. Do patrol.
  4. Play more games.
  5. Populate Your Steam Friends List
  6. Play with your friends as a full group.
  7. Do not insult allies and enemies in the chat.
  8. Improve KDA (fewer deaths, more kills, and assists).
  9. Use the marketplace, and increase the Steam level in your profile (DOTA 2 and Steam).
  10. Get fewer reports (if your friend were sent a complaint, you would be punished too).
  11. Buy DOTA+ and complete DOTA+ missions.
  12. Buy more support items for the team (wards, dust, smoke, etc.)
  13. Be sure to send complaints about dishonest/toxic players (this will increase your integrity).
  14. Do not send complaints about players for no reason (such complaints will lower your decency).
  15. Give more Steam rewards (decency increases if you give DOTA 2 guides).
  16. Boost Your Integrity Now!

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