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The game’s great environment, Lands Between, has been greatly admired by gamers and the media. Elden Ring has received much attention. Because Morgott, the Omen King of Leyndell, has been slain, only then may one of these, the Grand Lift of Rold, be accessed. The locations of the Lands Between are brimming with intrigue and wonder.

Once you’ve completed this stage, you’ll unlock access to Mountaintops of the Giants, the next major area in the game. Finding the Elden Ring on the Rold Route is the subject of this piece. One must first ride the Rold Grand Lift to get to the Rold Route.

After Morgott is killed, a bright red map marker will appear on the outskirts of Leyndell to denote the Rold Route. However, it is not obvious how to start playing or advance in the game. So, that’s the way to make your way to Rold Route in Elden Ring.

How to get to the Rold Route Elden Ring?

Like most things in Elden Ring, the Rold Route isn’t exactly easy to find. The in-game map marker serves no other purpose. You’ll have to figure out how to get there on your own. Can someone please tell me the directions to the Elden Ring on the Rold Route? To begin, we suggest installing a beacon atop the location indicator. You can pinpoint your location precisely thanks to the blue pillar of light. It should help you gauge how close you are. A travel route from Elden Ring to Rold Route.

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First, you must battle Morgott, the Omen King. From there, go to the Avenue Balcony, where the Site of Grace is located. Follow the stairs down and turn left when you reach the bottom. Walk down the passage until you reach a set of enormously large double doors. Walk through the doors and proceed until you reach the steps. After walking through the doors, continue until you reach the stairs. After walking through the archway between the statues, turn left.

An elevator will start operating immediately if you pull the lever in front of you. You may continue your journey to the Rold Grand Lift, having finished the Rold Route. You will meet many powerful adversaries on your way to the Rold Route.

How to access the Rold Route Elden Ring?

If you want to start at the Elden Throne, the Queen’s Bedchamber, or any other Site of Grace in Leyndell, the Avenue Balcony in the city center is the best place to do so. You should go back up the stairs you just came down, then turn left onto what looks like the main street in the middle of Leyndell. The road ends in a dead end, and it’s up to you to find a way through. It would help if you made your way across the area and up the massive stairway on the other side while avoiding or fighting off the swarm of harpies that are in your way.


An elevator can be found at the far end of the left-hand corridor. Once you reach the summit, head to the right and cross the bridge between the pillars. You can now enter this tower, head to the right, and find the Fell Twin monster waiting for you there.

Follow these steps to enter the Divine Tower and fortify Morgott’s Great Rune. Backtrack to this watchtower. If your only destination is the Lift of Rold, take the elevator down; otherwise, use the door. Visibility is poor, but you can climb Torrent after what feels like an eternity in Leyndell.

If you pass the mini ninjas, you’ll find a Golden Seed halfway along the trail on your right. The Black Blade Kindred is the final boss before the Lift of Rold and must be defeated. Compared to the massive and powerful shard bearers you faced in the capital, the Black Blade Kindred can still be a formidable foe in its own right. Make use of a summon, and if you happen to have a Mimic Tear, I recommend using that in conjunction with Torrent, as you can ride him here.

Initiate combat with your summon, wait for it to launch its prolonged combination attacks, and then sneak up on it from behind to start chipping away at its health. Defeating the Black Blade Kindred and taking their weapons is the first step toward reaching the Gaints’ Mountaintops, after which you can ascend the stairs to your right, activate the Site of Grace, and flash your medallion. You’re in yet another unfamiliar area, but the map is just ahead on your right. How to reach Elden Ring via Rold Route is the topic at hand.

How to find the Rold Route Elden Ring?

What is the best way to locate the Rold Highway Elden Ring? To enter the Elden Ring and continue on the road to the Grand Lift of Rold, one must first find Leyndell, the Royal Capital. If you can access this building, you’ll be able to move on with your journey. Having this component will facilitate access to the elevator. Once you have the fragment, you must make your way to the main road in Leyndell. Travel further south until you reach Avenue Balcony. The Grace Avenue Balcony can be found at this address.


If you’re headed to Rold’s Brandlift of Rold, the best route is one that crosses the plains. Along the way, you’ll encounter both of your adversaries in close proximity to one another. They are sometimes called the Black Blade Kindred or the Night’s Cavalry. Everything can be seen from the stairwell leading up to the Grand Elevator. After you’ve defeated these two foes, you’ll be able to make use of Rold’s Grand Lift. Melina will provide you with a Rold’s Medallion required to ride the elevator. That’s the gist of the situation.

Access the exclusive Brand Lift of Rold in Elden Ring with the medallion up top. Getting to Rold’s elevator won’t pose much of a problem. To get the most out of this guide, it is highly suggested that you follow all of the instructions. After enduring many trials and tribulations, you will finally reach Rold’s coveted Grand Lift. Now that you know where this lift is, check out the Elden Ring Guides.


Take a route over the plains to reach Rold’s Brandlift. Your enemies will be close together. The Black Blade Kindred, or Night’s Cavalry. All are visible from the Grand Lift stairwell. After defeating these two foes, use Rold’s Grand Lift. The elevator requires Melina’s Rold’s Medallion.

That’s the situation. The top medallion opens the Brand Lift of Rold in Elden Ring. Reaching Rold’s elevator is simple. How to get to Rold Route Elden Ring.

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