how to get Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

How To Get Stellar Jade In Honkai: Star Rail – Ultimate Guide

Read on and learn 14 ways how to get Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail.

Stellar Jade is a premium currency in the popular game Honkai: Star Rail. Players need Stellar Jade to acquire new characters through Gacha mechanics. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods on how to get Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail to help you progress through the game and enhance your gameplay experience.

14 Ways To Get Stellar Jade In Honkai: Star Rail

Here are 14 different ways to get stellar jade.

1. Daily Training Goals

One of the most consistent ways to obtain Stellar Jade is by completing Daily Training goals. These objectives can be found in the Interastral Guide’s Daily Training section. By completing missions and random challenges, players can earn points, which can be used to claim rewards, including up to 60 Stellar Jade per day. Additionally, players can earn credits and Trailblaze EXP to enhance their gameplay experience further.

2. Completing Missions

Not all missions offer Stellar Jade as a reward, but most quests reward players with around 30-60 Stellar Jade. Players should focus on completing these missions to maximize their Stellar Jade earnings.

3. Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall is a series of battle challenges that unlock on the Astral Express when players reach Trailblaze Rank 21. Players can earn 200 Stellar Jade for every three objectives completed during each challenge. Participate in Forgotten Hall events to boost your Stellar Jade earnings.

4. Operation Briefing

By completing all five goals in the Interastral Guide, players can collect Operation Briefing rewards, which usually contain 50 Stellar Jade. This is another reliable method to increase your Stellar Jade balance.

5. Trailblaze Level

Gaining Trailblaze EXP helps players level up their Trailblaze Rank. Players can collect rewards from Pom-Pom, the conductor, as they level up. Some rewards contain 50 or 100 Stellar Jade, making Trailblaze leveling a practical way to earn this premium currency.

6. TrailblazingWill

Trailblazing Will is a permanent beginner event that awards Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade as players increase their Trailblaze Level. By accessing the Travel Log, players can earn rewards at levels 5, 15, 25, and 35. This event provides an excellent opportunity for new players to accumulate Stellar Jade early in the game.

7. Simulated Universe

First-time completion rewards for Simulated Universe World at the Herta Space Station include around 100 Stellar Jade. Players can earn up to 75 Stellar Jade weekly by scoring points through world completions. To view the reward track, click on the Current Score section. Additionally, players can earn a few Stellar Jade for each new blessing they unlock in the universe by visiting the Index afterward.

8. World Shops

Each world in Honkai: Star Rail contains unique currency players can spend at world shops and vendors. Reaching specific spending goals rewards players with 50 Stellar Jade, claimable on the left side of the vendor screen. This method encourages players to explore and engage with the various worlds in the game.

9. Opening Chests

Treasure chests can be found throughout the game, and players can track their progress by the indicator in the top left of the map. Bare chests reward five Stellar Jade, bountiful chests provide 20, and precious chests offer 30. Players should actively search for and open these chests to maximize their Stellar Jade earnings.

10. Achievements

Players can unlock a variety of achievements simply by playing the game. Claim these achievements in the Achieved section of the menu to receive five, 10, or 20 Stellar Jade. This method rewards players for their general progress and engagement with the game.

11. Character Aptitude

The Aptitude Showcase event in the Travel Log allows players to try out a five-star character, rewarding them with 20 Stellar Jade. This event refreshes each time a new five-star character is introduced, giving players a consistent opportunity to earn Stellar Jade.

12. Equilibrium

Completing challenges to raise your world level also awards players with Stellar Jade. As players progress through the game and increase their world level, they can expect to earn more of this premium currency.

13. Messages

While it may seem odd, many message conversations reward players with five Stellar Jade at the end. These messages are often amusing and worth reading for their entertainment value and the Stellar Jade rewards.

14. Warp Trotters

Warp Trotters are small interdimensional space pigs in various locations throughout the game. If players can catch and defeat these creatures in combat before they escape, they are rewarded with 60 Stellar Jade. Watch for Warp Trotters and engage them whenever possible to boost your Stellar Jade earnings.

Additional Ways to Get Star Rail Passes

While the primary focus of this guide is on how to get Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail, it is essential to mention that players can also acquire Star Rail Passes through other means. These passes can be obtained in Herta’s Store for the Simulated Universe, as part of Trailblaze Level rewards, and in the Warp exchange. Collecting Star Rail Passes alongside Stellar Jade will allow players to acquire new characters through the game’s Gacha mechanics.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways players can earn Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail. By consistently participating in Daily Training Goals, completing missions, engaging in various events, and exploring the game world, players can maximize their Stellar Jade earnings and enhance their gameplay experience. Make use of this comprehensive guide to ensure you unlock the full potential of Honkai: Star Rail and enjoy your journey through the game.

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