How to Get Stone of Chaos in the Lost Ark

How To Get Lost Ark Stone Of Chaos Complete Guide

Read on to learn how to get Lost Ark Stone Of Chaos. You also learn where to get the Choas stones and how to use them.

Stone of Chaos is a relic item that came to the western version of Lost Ark with the May update. In this guide, I collect everything you need to know about sources and uses for your Stones of Chaos need to know.

What Is The Stone Of Chaos In Lost Ark?

The Stone of Chaos is an item in The Elder Scrolls Online that allows you to upgrade your equipment to a relic level. It can be found in various locations throughout the game, including the major cities. You can obtain a Stone of Chaos by collecting loot or killing certain enemies.

Where can I get the Chaos Stone?

There are four sources about which you Stone of Chaos can get:

  1. Valtan Gate 2 (Hard): You get one Stone of Chaos for completing Valtan Gate 2 on Hard. An extra Stone of Chaos can be obtained from the reward chest in Gate 2.
  2. World Boss Thunderwing drops in South Vern Stone of Chaos. He seems to have a very high drop chance, but the drop is not guaranteed.
  3. Endless Chaos Dungeon: You can obtain Stone of Chaos for 2,000 Fragment of Purification from the [Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard] vendor. The NPC is right next to the Chaos Dungeon entrance. The price increases for each purchase and returns to 2,000 at the weekly reset Fragment of Purification set. Your character must be 1445 to be able to buy it. Visit our Endless Chaos Dungeon Calculator to learn more about Endless Chaos Dungeons.
  4. Legion Raid Exchange: You can Stone of Chaos for gold from Sammler Jorba, the [Legions Raid Exchange] merchant in Punika. The price starts at 500 gold; your character must be 1445 to purchase it.
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How to Get Stone of Chaos in the Lost Ark

  • The first method is to locate and destroy the World Boss Thunderwings. The Stone of Chaos is a rare drop from the monster. Thus, you may have to fight him several times before you acquire one.
  • The Stone of Chaos may also be obtained in the brand-new Legion Raid Events. The event’s boss monsters have a chance of dropping one.
  • The final option is the simplest but also the most costly. You can always purchase one from the game’s merchants, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, so be prepared to spend.

Stone of Chaos usage

Stone of Chaos has two effective uses for relic gear: crafting relic gear pieces and increasing their quality.

  1. Crafting Relic Sets: To craft relic set pieces, you need the relic crafting materials demon Beast Bones(from power) or wings of greed(from Vykas) and an additional Stone of Chaos for equipment parts, and three Stone of Chaos for a gun.
  2. Increasing the Quality of Relic: Gear On legendary gear from Argos and Oreha, we crafted parts repeatedly until we got a “good enough” quality roll. It’s different with relic gear. Here you craft each part only once and then use Stone of Chaos to increase the quality of your relic gear.

This is how you increase the quality of relic gear

Visit the [Quality Upgrade] NPC right next to the [Transfer Skill Tree] NPC in Dorf Nia in Punika (the one where you transfer your tripods/skill trees).

Every time you try to increase the quality, you will get a random quality. If the quality is lower than the previous one, the attempt fails. Then you lose no quality.

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The chances of an increase in quality decrease significantly the better the existing quality is. Here’s a nice pie chart of the probabilities.

For relic gear, armor pieces that are 50 or higher are good enough. Weapons should be slightly higher. It would help if you aimed for quality of 70+. Increasing the quality even further is then a long-term goal.

Raising quality above 80 is considered whale bait by many players. Stones of Chaos are expensive, and you’ll need a lot of them in an average luck scenario since the chance of getting to 80 or higher is only 1.78%.


To enjoy the endgame phase of Lost Ark, you’ll need the Stone of Chaos. You won’t be able to fully enjoy all of the ending activities unless you level up your equipment to Relic Class. As previously said, gaining it is not difficult; all you have to do is grind or buy it.

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