how to gameshare on Xbox One

The Ultimate Guide to Gamesharing on Xbox One: Share Games with Friends and Family like a Pro!

Read on to learn how to gameshare on Xbox One and play your favorite games with your friends.

One of the best features the gaming industry has seen in the last ten years is gamesharing. One of the first consoles to fully implement this feature was the Xbox One, and using a straightforward procedure, you can grant someone you trust access to your collection of downloaded games. The following-generation Series X and S consoles would also include this feature.

You can also get access to the Xbox games that are stored on a trusted friend’s account. The Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X make gamesharing simple, but there are a few limitations that you should be aware of before you begin.

What Is Gamesharing On Xbox?

Gamesharing on Xbox One is a feature that allows you to share digital games and other content with other users on the same or even a different console. With gamesharing, you and your friends or family can save money by pooling your resources and sharing game purchases. This feature is handy if you have multiple household members who want to play the same games.

Benefits of Gamesharing on Xbox One

Gamesharing on Xbox One has several advantages, including:

Saving money: Sharing the cost of games with your friends and family can help you save money. You can do this to save money and stretch your gaming budget further.

Greater Flexibility: Playing games through gamesharing gives you access to titles that you might not otherwise have been able to buy or play. This makes it simpler to play games you might have missed or to try out new ones.

Enhanced Social Experience: Playing games with friends and family is simpler than gamesharing. You can play together even if you’re not in the same room when you share games.

Requirements for Gamesharing on Xbox One

  • Xbox Live Gold Subscription: To gameshare on Xbox One, both users need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase a subscription from the Microsoft Store or through your Xbox One console. Without this subscription, you won’t be able to download and play shared games.
  • Xbox One Console: You will need an Xbox One console to gameshare. Any model of the Xbox One will work, including the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and the original Xbox One. Note that Xbox 360 consoles are not compatible with gamesharing.
  • Two Xbox Live Accounts: To gameshare, you will need two Xbox Live accounts: your account and the person you want to share games with. Both accounts need to have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. If you or your friend do not already have an account, you can create one for free on the Xbox website or through your Xbox One console.
  • Reliable Internet Connection: Gamesharing requires a stable internet connection. You may encounter problems downloading, installing, or playing shared games without a stable connection. Having a high-speed internet connection would be best to ensure the best game-sharing experience while gamesharing.

How to Gameshare on Xbox One

Before you can begin, you and your gameshare partner must have access to each other’s computers and be willing to share account information, such as the email address linked to your Xbox accounts and the corresponding passwords.

The next few steps will detail what you and your partner should do on your Xbox One from this point on. You must go through the process twice to exchange libraries: once to link your Xbox One to your account and once to link their Xbox One to your account.

Step 1: When you are prepared, click the icon in the upper left corner of the home screen to access the user account menu (again on the left). Then add both accounts to your Xbox One by selecting Add New.

How to Gameshare on Xbox One

Step 2: The next step is transforming your gameshare partner’s Xbox One into your “home Xbox.” Make my home Xbox by going to Settings > Personalise.

Step 3: Register the system as your default device in that menu. As it says in the description, “If you make this your home Xbox, people can play games without having to sign in as you.” Convenient and obviously what we want to accomplish.


Step 4: Finally, you must select My Games & Apps > Ready to Install to access your game library. You should see a list of all the games available to your account here. Now, both your games and the games of your gameshare partner are included in this. You can divide an Xbox Live Gold account by sharing it.


Step 5: Follow the same procedures on your partner’s device to exchange libraries, utilizing their console as your “home Xbox.”

Common Problems with Gamesharing on Xbox One and How to Fix Them

  • Shared Games Not Showing Up: Ensure you’re connected to the internet; check your account settings or sign in to the account that owns the games.
  • Cannot Download or Install Shared Games: Check your storage space, Verify your account settings or internet connection.
  • Unable to Play Shared Games on a Different Console
  • Sharing Partner’s Account Suspended or Banned
  • Sharing Limitations for Specific Games

How To Gameshare On Xbox Series X

Gamesharing on Xbox Series X or Series S is similar to Xbox One. Since there are some differences, we wrote a detailed Xbox Series X gamesharing guide. Newer consoles allow users to share games without spending much money, which we love.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gamesharing on Xbox One

How Many Times Can I Gameshare on Xbox One?

Every year, five times. When you switch home consoles, your first friend loses access to your games. Multiple accounts can be set to home on an Xbox, but each account can only have one home.

Can I Gameshare with Someone Who Doesn’t Live with Me?

You can share with people who are not your family or friends, but you should only do this if you can sign into the console, designate it as your home, and delete your account afterward.

Can I Share Games I Got from Xbox Game Pass?

The primary account holder is the only person who can utilize home sharing for Game Pass benefits. On their console, group members cannot communicate with other accounts.


On the Xbox One, gamesharing is a fantastic way to save money and play more games with your loved ones. You can easily gameshare on your Xbox One and play a more comprehensive selection of games without spending a fortune by adhering to the instructions provided in this article.

It’s crucial to remember best practices like communicating expectations with your gamesharing partner and refraining from sharing account information, whether you’re new to gamesharing or an experienced pro. Additionally, you can guarantee a smooth and trouble-free gamesharing experience by being aware of typical issues and knowing how to resolve them.

We sincerely hope that this article has helped assist you as you navigate the Xbox One gamesharing process. Please consult the FAQ section or contact Xbox support for assistance if you have any additional queries or worries.

Enjoy sharing games!

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